Saturday, September 10, 2005

when blog worlds collide

this afternoon paul & i took our doggy noah across town to the annex to check out a super cool craft show. all of the booths were jam-packed with eyecandy goodness. sparkley beads, colourful belts, sublime pottery, and bold patterns on everything from postcards to purses. i seriously could have gone crazy if i had brought more money with me.

there were some great people there too...some you probably know. karissa cove (of the classic "i'm foxy AND crafty aprons) was there with a whole new batch of accessories like purses with colourful hearts and girly clutch purses. i bought a birdy pouch i've had my eye on since her old "crackers and honey" website. yay!!!

a display that caught my eye straight away was from a local designer i'd never seen before named "smitten kitten". this woman is multi-talented creating a potpourri of lovely goodies like dangly earrings and delicate flower brooches which i think might be called kanzashi. she also makes the greatest stationery from vintage wallpaper and fabric. i snatched up 2 of the most adorable postcards...they're going to be framed and hung on the wall in the studio.

but without a doubt, the highlight of the day was finally meeting the lovely tania howells whose blog has been on my "daily read" list in my favourites for close to a year now. i'm sure a bunch of you know her from her little space on the web and you know what, she's as smiley and sweet as you would expect her to be.

anyhow, tania was at the craft show selling a mountain of stuff based on her clever illustrations. i swear i wanted one of everything. but i was bugging out with delight at being able to adopt her adorable little felt softie bird that i believe she said she made for a month of softies awhile back. "smitten kitten" saw that i had him with me and was a bit jealous that i snapped him up before she had a chance to go back. i promise wilbur will have a good home though!

also at the fair was another blogger whose journal i read ALL. THE. TIME...laural from thimble. it was cool to meet her in real life too. she had her wonderful knitting needle rolls for sale and i wanted one sooooooo badly but i had already bought 2 things and only had a bit of pocket change and lint left. boo.

but here's a picture of all the great handmade swag i did score on my very limited budget of $20.

more good news...noah was quite well behaved!


jenny vorwaller said...

wow!! it's so nice to "see" everyone, i love seeing who i read about everyday too...i think you came away with some glorious treats that are obviously going to be treasured in a new home :) luckjy you to be able to go!!

tania said...

you are so cute!
it was great to meet you finally!
wilbur has never looked so relaxed and at home.

Karissa said...

Hi Krissy,

Your blog is super cute!

There is a definite theme to your purchases from Saturday! And as always, it was great to see you and your boy + your sweet little pooch, too.

Hopefully I'll run into you at Canzine again this year!

luv luv luv karissa xoxoxo

Hanna said...

nice to see pictures of these people! thanks!