Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i'm back!

hi everyone! thanks so much for all of your nice comments about the bust article. the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind with most of my waking hours being spent at the one of a kind show. it was an absolute blast...and completely exhausting! 11 consecutive days, 11 hours everyday. as much fun (and successful!) as it was, i'm happy to be back to my regular life!

here are a couple of (very dark) pictures of my little 3x3 booth
side 1
display  side 1

side 2
display side 2

i wish i had pictures of my two amazing mom opened up for me everyday while i was at my morning job and stayed and worked with me all day. paul built my display from start to finish and put his life on hold to help me out at the show too. i couldn't have done it without them!

i also had so many friends stop by and say hi! tania and paul, carla, monica, michelle, a bunch of people from work, and family all came to say hi and lend their support. that was one of the best parts of the show. it's hard to put into words, but chatting with a friend after 6 hours of unfamiliar faces streaming by (and knowing there are still 5 hours left!) just re-energizes the soul and helps get through the long hours.

i had the most amazing neighbours for 11 days too! they helped make the whole thing feel like summer camp.

janna makes pretty scarves

and varyn makes the most gorgeous yoga bags

i did do a bit of shopping (and trading) at the show, but i can't show everything since some are christmas gifts. here are some goodies that i scooped for myself:
loot from the ooak show
* 2 pairs of candi factory undies
* hand lotion from urban venus (fresh squeezed lemon and GINGERBREAD!!)
* a tie from demoiselle (paul bought for me)

and now i need to go and catch up on what i've missed on your blogs over the last 2 weeks!