Thursday, May 11, 2006

clothing swap

last sunday, i went to my very first clothing swap! i was so excited because i had been squirrling away a ton of clothes that either didn't fit me properly or i didn't like anymore. i was hoping for an event just like this so i could give some of my favourite pieces a brand new loving home. however, some proved to be extra hard to part with:

like my crazy thrifted golf skirt which has seen years of indierock shows (but not one golf course!)

and my much-loved wraparound panda applique skirt i bought at a used clothing store. pandaskirt
it even had the name of the person who owned it before me stitched inside!

and here's the mountain of clothing i managed to part with and bring to the swap

when i pulled up to the building where the swap was being held, i was so excited to see mishka and her friend claire! turns out they were headed to the same place. claire was a sweetie and helped me carry my massive hockey bag stuffed with clothing up the 2 flights of stairs. another friend, michelle was also there. it was a really nice surprise to see her there too!

i scored some amazing vintage buttons...
swapbuttons well as a lovely grey cardigan, a black button-up shirt, a big rusty-coloured woven scarf, an embroidery hoop, a pom-pom maker, and a skirt previously owned by both mishka and claire. i don't have pictures of the clothes though because they're all in the laundry right now.

but my biggest score was this lovely light blue vinyl overnight bag. i love the faux-croc pattern!
(noah's in the picture to provide scale and a bit of cuteness!)

i was a bit nervous someone else at the swap would want it too (which meant it would be decided by a sob story or a coin toss). luckily nobody fought me for it, but i was ready with my plea for mercy. i told everyone i really wanted it because i have plans for a trip i've been hoping to take for years...and it's finally happening this summer! i explained i thought i'd look so much classier walking into the hotel with this swanky bag, rather than my monster-sized backpack. ;)

the coolest thing is that when i got home and went through the bag opening all of the zippers and pockets, i found a restaurant receipt. but not just any restaurant receipt.....i'm pretty sure it's a receipt from the city i'll be visiting ....the reason i wanted this lovely bag in the first place!

am i right? is that a receipt from new york city? well, anyway....that's where we're going in july!

and i've got a hot travel bag to take with me!

if indeed that receipt is from new york, isn't that kinda freaky that it was in there???

(michelle....maybe we can meet up for a cupcake while i'm there?)


vania said...

What great find! I love that you got buttons and an embroidery spool as well as clothes! I've done a couple of clothing swaps, and coincidently am currently wearing a top i got from my last swap! What do you do with the unwanted items?

Ohh, NYC in the summer. I'm so jealous. That bag is perfect for it!

michelleknits said...

what what WHAT!!!! freaking of course we're going for cupcakes!!!

and a clothing lucky! and i loved all the skirts you swapped away!!! lucky ladies!

michelleknits said...

oh i forgot to add, yeah that's a nyc receipt! and that IS pretty cool...

jen said...

funny about the nyc receipt. maybe the bag found it's way to you because it wants to go visit nyc again!

it IS a great bag.

if you want to drop noah off in maryland while you are in nyc, me and travis will watch him. we are in love with noah. noah rules!

mishka said...

Krissy - I can't believe you found an NYC receipt in your new stylin' NYC travel bag!

I don't know if you've been over to wardrobe_remix recently, but I've worn a swap item every day this week. It's a compulsion.

Karin said...

Yup, that's definetly a NYC receipt. Enjoy your trip there!!!

Vegan Knitting said...

Noah is SOooo cute! Perhaps he's sitting by the bag because he wants you to take him in it to NY?

I wish we had swaps here in SF - maybe we do and I just don't know about them?

But I wish I'd been there! I would have snapped up those two skirts you brought in a heartbeat, and worn them too.

Perhaps I'll do a post about my novelty skirts. I have quite a few.

tania said...

wow thats so cool! sounds like mucho fun-

michelle said...

it was great to see you there, krissy, and i'm so glad you got the bag! yep,(212) sure is New York, it was meant to be!
have a great trip!

chele bele said...

Terrific bag. Our trip was meant to be! I'll be the one schlepping the ugly, cumbersome backpack. ;) I'll have to keep my eyes open for something cute too.

Carla said...

You'll love New York! Hot fun in the summer.

Joyce B. said...

Fun bag! You better keep a strong hold on it when you are in NYC, seems like it wants to get back there to stay. Found your blog through Heather's yummy sushi blog. Can't remember how I got to her blog though.