Thursday, June 01, 2006

last weekend (part 2)

so despite going to bed at 3:00am on friday, i woke at 6:00am on saturday morning when the alarm clock went off. i had set it the night before so i could get up in time to hit the massive number of yard sales being held in "the beaches" (local neighbourhood near the lake). there were something like 300+ sales being held with all of the proceeds going to fight breast cancer. so after 3 short hours of sleep, paul and i dragged our sorry asses out of bed and off we went.

i was surprised to find that people were still setting up the sales at 7:30. back in my hometown if you waited until 8:00 to go to a yard sale, well...things were pretty much picked over. here, paul and i actually had to kill time before the shopping could begin.

it was all worth it though. we found some great stuff!

this massive hardwood mirror that weighs a tonne!

this cute pyrex (or fireking?) bowl yardsalebowl

and two matching chairs for our deck. we think they may be teak. they are also incredibly heavy!

along with that, we also got some magazines (incl. 2 martha stewart's) and i got 2 cute skirts.

satisfied with our purchases, we headed home to bed to catch up on some much needed zzzzz's.


much later that afternoon, i went back to "the beaches" neighbourhood to check out crafternoon tea. i was sad that i missed the winter one so i made sure i went this time.

not only were there lots of amazing local crafters selling their goodies, there were also free workshops being held each hour. i was sad that i missed the bookbinding workshop but i did make it in time for the tutorial on how to sew a tote bag. that was fun to watch and i got instructions to take home and try it out (now if i could only figure out how to wind the bobbin on my machine...)

i didn't want to spend any money but one thing was way too tempting. a woman was there selling her handspun and hand-dyed wool. i swear it all looked like candy! i broke down and bought this:
handspun (but not by me!)


i did some fun stuff on sunday too! i probably won't have time to post about it tomorrow but will definitely get around to it this weekend. stay tuned...


michelleknits said...

ooh i love those types of bowls. and those are some sweet colors on that yarn!

LittleMissMeshell said...

Ooh lovely finds...the chairs are absolutely wonderful! And the little bowl is so cute, what awesome graphics! :))

Meshell xo

Chelebele said...

I just LOVE the mirror!!!! It will look great in your home. You always put your purchase prices, so you have me super curious.

Only 3 hours sleep?!?! How on earth did you function? Ah, you and Paul are better than me. I would have had the snooze button working overtime.

Karin said...

Wow! You are one serious yardsaler to get up and go after 3 hrs of sleep! There's a big yard sale in Chicago this Saturday, I think I may go myself.

Megan said...

Hi there, glad I blog surfed over here so I could see those lovely finds and that delicious yarn. Yum.

vania said...

i love those bowls as well! i was in that neighbourhood too, and got 4 sock stretcher thingies for free! I was at the Crafternoon Tea, and while i got a cool fabric belt, i wasn't as into it this time around...not sure why, though!

What a great day for a yard sale! i had to work until 1pm, and missed the Textile museum sale, but at least i got to the beaches!

Megan said...

That is the cutest bowl ever! Well worth the sleepiness! And Crafternoon Tea - I can't get over how many crafty events there are up there! New York doesn't even compare! Have a super weekend Krissy!

karina said...

What a crazy weekend! I find that happens in the summer, all of a sudden theres a dozen things to do all at once and you just have to do all of them. I love that you and Paul went to the garage sales on so little probably made buying things easier. Great finds!