Monday, July 24, 2006

how my summer vacation began

oh my gosh, i've only been on summer vacation for a few weeks but it's already started out amazing!! at the beginning of july, michelle and aaron came to toronto for a few days. now maybe some people would be hesitant to invite people they knew solely from internetland to stay over at their home but not me...i could tell they were going to be fabulous people. (and i was right!) so stay at our home they did!

their first day was spent in kensington market eating a table full of yummy food from one of my favourite veggie restaurants, king's cafe. more blog-worlds collided as we met up with michelle and her boy david, and tania.

after lunch we wandered around kensington, chinatown, and queen west. i love this picture of the michelles:
michelle x 2

the boys were super patient as we stopped to look in windows, browse in stores and take pictures.

on tuesday we did a bit of thrifting at the local goodwill (and michelle scored two amazing dresses!) then explored little india. before heading home we got takeout thali from a vegetarian restaurant which we ate while sitting on the backyard deck. it was absolutely delicious.

later that night we met up with michelle, carla, vania and joel for drinks at the drake. here's a blurry picture of the fun.
blurry fun

wednesday was spent hanging out, taking noah to cherry beach, shopping for a mysterious spice in little india, and hanging out on the deck with michelle.
cherry beach



michelle and aaron had to head back home on thursday :( but they caught a later bus so that we could still get out and enjoy the city before they left. we started at a used bookstore in the annex where we all found some treasures (and michelle and aaron bought me a richard scarry book that i had as a wee one. it makes me so happy to look at and read all over again.). then we headed over to the fancy new juice for life digs at bloor and spadina for lunch.
i love this picture of michelle and aaron at the restaurant.

after lunch it was time to head to the bus station. we really wanted to check out the distillery before they had to go but traffic was bad and we ran out of time. click here for a picture of how we felt when we had to say goodbye.

it was the most amazing 4 days with michelle and aaron here but it went way too fast! there are so many things i wish we had had time to do. i miss them both a whole lot but hopefully they'll come back and visit all of their canadian friends again soon... (you will, right??)


Karin said...

What cute pictures! That looks like such a fun time.

Did you enjoy NYC?

krissy said...

hi karin, i *LOVED* nyc! pictures from our trip coming soon!

mishka said...

Can't wait to see your NYC pictures and hear about your trip!

I had a great few days hanging out with all of you. Now, I gotta get my own post finished, lazy girl that I am.

michelleknits said...

aw! we had such a great time with you guys! miss you!

Carla said...

Glad you had a nice time!