Sunday, October 29, 2006

quick post....

i know i said i wouldn't be around for awhile, but it's such a rare occasion that i'm crafty (other than my ratgirl stuff, i mean) that i thought i should post this.

paul & i went to a wedding on saturday and i needed a necklace to go with the dress i was wearing. i knew exactly what i wanted to make and luckily i had everything i needed on hand.
bits and pieces necklace

the coolest part: every single bit and piece came from my collection of odds & ends from thrifted jewellery. here's the brother-in-law is as much of a thrifting junkie as i am but he goes to value village and buys those "junk bags" of miscellaneous jewellery looking for gold, diamonds and expensive watches that they've thrown in there (not knowing these things were worth $$). but then he's left with piles and piles of "junk" jewellery that he has no use for. well, he collected all of his castoffs over the years and handed them over to me knowing i could probably make something from it all.

after acquiring about 7 or 8 massive shopping bags of the stuff this summer, i went through it all and sorted everything i could use into ziploc baggies. now i have a little suitcase full of these great treasures just waiting to be deconstructed and turned into fun trinkets!

that necklace is the first piece of jewellery i've made from my windfall of "junk"! hopefully when life slows down, i'll be able to devote some time to crafting up more.

this is a picture i took in the summer after sifting through all of the bags. it shows everything i kept.

ok, back into hiding....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hey folks,
just clearing away the cobwebs long enough to duck in and let you all know i have to continue my break from blogland for awhile longer. life has become so crazy and i kept (foolishly) telling myself i'd update my blog tomorrow, and tomorrow turned into a week, which turned into a month, and so on.

today i realized it's just not going to happen anytime soon. probably not until things slow down in december. :(

i've been in full-on "one of a kind show" craft show mode since september. for those of you in the t-dot, i'm sure you understand the pressure. for those that aren't familiar with this show, it's huge (750+ vendors, 12 hours a day for 10 days straight). i have to make sooooooo muuuuuchh stuffffff!

here's a little peek at the madness (pre-baking)
it's weird, it doesn't look like much but there are approximately 500 pieces all hand-drawn and coloured. the scary thing is that i have a lot left to make. can you say "carpal tunnel"?

back to the sweatshop....

take care, everyone!
krissy xo