Wednesday, September 12, 2007

last weekend...

on saturday we went to the vegetarian food fair down at harbourfront. we've missed the last couple of years because the first weekend in september is traditionally packed with festivals all over the city. it was good to get back there and see what's new in fake meat technology. i sampled some especially yummy dried soy jerky.

here's a little photo collage i put together from the food fair. sorry, the pictures are a little on the small side... (click on it to enlarge)

TOP: 1. big woks 2. little veggie dog 3. sarah kramer, cookbook author extraordinaire
MIDDLE: 4. a most delicious feast
BOTTOM: 5. dressed as a pea 6. pink sky 7. breakdancers


WendyB said...

LOL at the guy dressed as peapod!

The Sewing Bunny said...

mmm i love all your food related posts. sounds like a good time!

Carla said...

I haven't missed it since I moved to Toronto, but it's not what it used to be, uh? I'm still really glad it exists though of course! We get to be in the majority!

Did you try the Tofutti mint chocolate ice "cream" bars?

krissy said...

carla: darn, no i didn't try those! now i'm wishing i had. there were just too many people crowded around that booth when we went by. :(