Sunday, January 06, 2008


happy new year, everyone! hope you all had a fantastic & relaxing holiday whether celebrations of the season were involved or not. we had a great holiday break spent with family. now it's kind of quiet around here....

what better way to start the new year than with....CAR TROUBLES! ah yes, it's an ongoing struggle around this house. no sooner do we get something fixed and something else breaks. today the car crapped out on paul as he was coming home from practicing with his band. c.a.a. towed it but the really bad news is that our faithful mechanic is away in florida for a week. he's pretty much become like family to us and i just don't trust our car to anyone else. so if the estimate to fix it is too high this will be end of the volkswagon. a bit sooner than expected.......

in happier news, i've been doing some crafting just for fun. last night i pulled out my little red suitcase full of bits & bobs and put together this necklace:

(is that little wooden bird a religious symbol? for some reason i'm thinking it might be and i'm a bit concerned about that. can someone please let me know if it is.)

and made this brooch which has been swimming around in my head for ages!

(the pink isn't as bright as it looks in the photo....)

and tonight i finally worked up the courage to hack off the sleeves to this dagg & stacey sweater which i accidentally felted when i washed it last year. the body of the sweater is fine but the sleeves felted so tight that i couldn't bend my arms in it anymore.

and here's just a picture to show you how cute the back of it is....

so here's to a happy, crafty new year for all!!


vania said...

Krissy, i love both your latest jewellry creations. I don't think the bird (dove?) is a religious symbol, but i'm not religious at all - it could be a peace dove, though. I'm sorry to hear about your car troubles - i can relate. It's be a year without ours, though, and i have no regrets!

In Yr Fshn said...

The collar on that sweater is lovely!
Also, the bird is a religious symbol--in a way. The Christian faith sort of re appropriated things like birds and made them into symbols. That particular one is the stylized Christian dove, representing the Holy Spirit.

Carla said...

You've been busy! Happy New Year to you, too!

Anonymous said...

yay! happy new year! i love all the crafty things but sooo sorry about the car-
its always something!
yes i don't think the bird is religious either- just really awesome! oh wait i see from someone it IS- hm- oh well it is still really pretty- i have the same one in a metal brooch- never knew!


legs a kimbo said...


i love the girl dangly brooch pin.

hope the car plan is firming up.

hope too you hadn't any bother arriving home safely on sunday night, after the crafty marathon!

talk soon,