Saturday, January 31, 2009

pretty papers make interesting pictures

i've spent the last few weeks taking advantage of our cloudy skies by snapping photos of my jewellery to upload to my etsy shop. but i started getting really bored with the white background i was using. after browsing around etsy i had a lightbulb moment and decided to search for some intersting papers for backgrounds. luckily there's a fantastic scrapbooking store near my home and even though i don't scrapbook, i always feel like a kid in a candy store when i go in there. the endless racks of pretty papers is almost overwhelming. after an hour of browsing on thursday afternoon i settled on the handful of papers you see above.

i've only taken a few photos with these backgrounds so far, but i'm already excited about the results! my favourite so far is this little russian doll brooch. i love how it looks against this needlepoint-looking paper.


Carla said...

The new paper really does jazz up the photos!

CheleBele said...

So glad you are back! It must run in the family because I haven't touched my blog in over a year. You have inspired me. Perhaps I will write a post too!

You are so cleaver using paper as a way to perk up the background for your jewelry! So many options for such a low price. It looks great!!!!!