Tuesday, November 22, 2005


ok, i know i said i wouldn't be back until dec. 5th, and i know that nobody will be checking in here until then but i just had to post my most exciting news ever...

one of my jewellery designs made it into the pages of BUST magazine!!!!!


here's the cover: (it's the latest issue. i'm not even sure if it's on the newsstands yet!)

and my 'mixed tape' earrings!
ratgirl earrings in bust magazine

hee! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

hi...and bye.

i thought it would be a good idea to dust off this poor neglected blog of mine to pop in and say hi to everyone! thanks so much for the nice comments you've left while i've been away.

so i'm here to check in and say hi but...i also have to say bye-bye. don't worry, i'm not leaving the blog world. i'm just feeling really swamped with preparing for the big show that starts next week. i still have tonnes to do to get ready for it, plus report cards are due (at my morning job!) on monday. yikes! since the show runs for 11 days straight (nov 24 - dec 4) and 11 hours each day (11am - 10pm) i won't really have the time (or energy) to blog until it's over. but rest assured, i'll be back as soon as it's done!

in the meantime, here are some cute socks & tights i picked up today at "winners" (canadian outlet chain, i think similar to "ross" in the u.s.). i had to go to ikea to get some more stuff for my display and there was a winners right there. i had to run in and feed my obsession with kneehighs & tights.

kneehighs: black with felt applique & embroidery, rust & chocolate stripeys

tights: teal blue and heather grey

if you're in the t-dot and you come to the one of a kind show, come visit me!! i'll be in the "rising stars" section, booth RS 14....just look for the RATGIRL booth!
everyone else...meet you back here on december 5th!!! :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

i'm stuck in the 80's

on my way to the grocery store this afternoon, i got a bit sidetracked by the goodwill store conveniently located right next door (so dangerous!). i must have a 6th sense for sniffing out thrifting opportunity vibes from the sidewalk because i walked in and found lots of great stuff!
the 3 shirts are straight from the 80's. in fact, the peacock and striped shirts have authentic puffy sleeves! (squeals!)

both belts are stretchy (my favourite!) and the black one jingles a bit when i walk.

some cute pins i found for next to nothing.
on saturday paul & i went for dim sum with karina & jason and tania & paul (and their friend todd). it was so much fun! paul & i had never had dim sum before and now we can't stop thinking about it...it was so delicious! we were pleasantly surprised by the number of veggie options too. yum yum.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


wanna know a little secret?

paul made me a cd to listen to in the car to and from work. it has a bunch of amazing stuff by arcade fire and some new death cab for cutie too. and then at the very end of the cd, he put on a song that i love more than anything...since u been gone by kelly clarkson. and i listen to that track the loudest! so if you see someone on the gardiner expressway singing in their car, it might be me...and now you know what song i'm probably singing to!

pss. you might also recall that my obsession with madonna goes waaayyy back to the early 80's. she's got a wicked new song & video out that i've been watching a lot on mtv.com. you can see it here if you're curious.