Monday, September 19, 2005

bedroom gets a makeover

yesterday my hubby surprised me! he spent hours setting up a fun little area for me above my dresser in the bedroom. the cool thing is that he did it all ENTIRELY with things we already had around the house.

here are some detail shots:




paul downloaded the pictures of madonna, cyndi lauper and scott baio from the internet. i think he was inspired by this room. i'm going to expand the wall with a bunch of pictures of my other idols from my childhood. either that or i might just put up a bunch of framed pics of early madonna. i'm usually all about the indierock except when it comes to her. that's when i revert back to a 12-year old all over again! : )


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog, keep it going! I'm seeing but I'm not believing!
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Jennifer said...

Those spam comments are annoying but funny. "I'm seeing but I'm not believing!"

Anyway...what a sweetheart your hubby is! I love it when people display their jewellery. You have some lovely things.

robin said...

yay paul the home decorator!

and wow! weird spam.

Karin said...

That is too cool! I love the pics--Scott Baio how awesomely random. I used to get stupid comments like that too, I finally put word verification on.

Mom said...

Wow to your room and treasures and wow to your wonderful husband.

the knitrider said...

haha, those spam comments are classic. morons. anyways, what a sweetheart, customizing it for you! its very thoughtful!
btw, i think i have a chair blog that you would really dig. im seeing, but not believing!

Aimee "Roo" said...

what a sweet hubby!!! :)

Chelebele said...

Paul is sooo sweet! What a great idea. It's funny, I was just wondering the other day if you were still a Madonna fan. I guess I got my answer. My weakness is still Boy George. I guess some things will never change, huh?

Nice spam. I'll be sure to mention all of my website next time. LOL

amy said...

I am envious because:
1) Your hubby did such a teribly cute thing like that; and
2) I never get funny spams like that. They're all just random words :(

Yay Early Madonna!!

Beth said...

Very cute room and great blog! I'll add you to my links at
I'm doing a new ;inks section full of crafty goodness!

Beth said...

woops! that was supposed to be:
I got over-zealous with the keyboard!

tania said...

hahaha! i love it! and theres wilbur too!
what a hubby, so sweet.
i too am 12 with madonna... i am right back there again, lip synching to like a virgin in front of my parents friends,not even knowing what it means...

Karina said...

I am going to show this to Jason. He needs some help when it comes to making thing look nice...ok, a lot of help...Does Paul want to teach a class on it?

vania said...

great blog - and i love your plea for sensible shoes that are cute! i'm in the same club. i saw your pics on Flick and followed you here. i'm in Toronto too! and loved that same craft fair.