Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my latest obsession!

i cannot get enough of this new group over at flickr called wardrobe remix!! a couple of weeks ago, tricia from bits and bobbins started photographing her outfit everyday. i think someone suggested that she start up a "daily outfit" group at flickr. i can't begin to tell you how inspiring it is to see how people are putting together colours/textures and accessorizing...all that fashion-y jazz. it's better than a fashion magazine...i swear to you!

it's sooo hard to narrow it down but these are just a few of my favourite outfits so far.

cute wrap dress!

i like everything this girl wears.

i need to try this. i've had a cute striped tie sitting around for a year.

crazy layering makes everything look interesting.

and just one of the many wicked outfits from the girl who started the ball rolling...

(i finally mustered up the courage to participate---although it was a bit daunting at first with so many stylish people over there--here's one that i've posted to the group)

from yesterday:


Karin said...

That's awesome!

My job is corporate and boring so I never get to wear anything interesting. Plus I don't even think I'd know where to begin!

tania said...

OH!!!! this is great great! i cant wait to have a look see....
i love your outfit!!
hey, today i stitched and bitched at cbc with a girl uyou know carla!
it was F.U.N. and i think we should all do the same soon.
i will email you-

tania said...

oh, but maybe after the OOAK, you must be outta your mind busy!

robin said...

ackkkkk! thank you! i love my scarf. the hair pins are great. the girls love them; how sweet of you to include them! the yarn is lovely. you spoiled me, and so you will be spoiled! soon, m'dear. you've inspired me all over.

cuuute outfit. and thanks for the link to the flickr site. i spent too long over there... y-a-w-n.

Catherine said...

wow, you know I wish I was brave enough just to wear clothes like that?! I'm a jeans a tshirts kinda girl... but then, I live in the countryside, and even my tangerine orange leather biker jacket pushes some people here over the edge ;)

vania said...

great outfit - you're a funky grrl! i can't wait to make my way over to this flikr site, though i don't know if i can take pics of myself daily! what dedication. i hope it's okay that i added you as a link...