Monday, September 24, 2007

chained to the studio

nah, not really but i have been spending a crazy amount of time in here. good thing i love what i do otherwise it would actually be work!

with october almost here, i'm starting to feel a teensy bit of panic about how much stuff i still have to make before the one of a kind show (at the end of november).

in other ratgirl news, i spent the weekend putting together a brand new order for snazzygirl and all those goodies got shipped out this afternoon. putting the order together is a breeze, it's the photographing, photoshopping, and writing of the descriptions that is kind of hard for me. luckily my honey helped me with the photographing. (thanks, paul!) xoxo

here's a tiny peek at a couple of the items that will be going up on snazzygirl very soon:

edit: hey, the new stock is already up on the website!! and i also suggested that most of the old stock be put on super-duper discount and looks like that's already done that too! go check it out...

Monday, September 17, 2007

i left my heart in 1994

i've borrowed the above image from tony dawe over on flickr. it was taken during sappyfest in august but i figure it's close enough.

saturday night was the eric's trip show at lee's palace. for those unfamiliar with them, they were (are?) a canadian band from moncton n.b. who were around during the early 90's but broke up in 1996. they're also without a doubt, my most favourite band of all time! the last time they reunited was in 2001 and i saw them play in london, ontario and also in toronto. i've been patiently waiting for this show since i found out about it in early august. saturday's show definitely did not disappoint!

-julie clearly having a blast on the drums during the opening act
-rick starting his solo set with "behind the garage" amazing...just him and his acoustic guitar
-julie joining rick onstage for the last song of his set "allergic to love" and then they had the sweetest hug onstage afterwards.
-an incredible set of all of their very best stuff...i swear i haven't danced & jumped around like that at a show for a very long time! (a sidenote: i think the swimming i've been doing is helping. i didn't feel winded afterwards at all.)
-a fabulous encore including one of my favourite songs, "red haired girl"

on our way out of the show i saw carla making her way through the crowd. i wish i'd known she'd be there. anyhow, we've been exchanging our favourite moments over facebook for the last couple of days. perhaps she'll have more to add...

click here if you want to listen to some of their music. note: you'll have to click on the songs to hear them...what you hear when you go to that page is not eric's trip, it's the website's streaming audio.

Saturday, September 15, 2007



listening to:

desperately hunting for:
thick & chunky charcoal grey tights (so elusive i can't even find a picture of them with a google image search!) EDIT: sorry, i meant to say thick & chunky cable-knit tights in charcoal grey. it's the cable-knit part that i'm having trouble finding. please let me know if you find some....

making a million of:

excited about:

delighted by:
inside a black apple

thinking about:
baking peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

last weekend...

on saturday we went to the vegetarian food fair down at harbourfront. we've missed the last couple of years because the first weekend in september is traditionally packed with festivals all over the city. it was good to get back there and see what's new in fake meat technology. i sampled some especially yummy dried soy jerky.

here's a little photo collage i put together from the food fair. sorry, the pictures are a little on the small side... (click on it to enlarge)

TOP: 1. big woks 2. little veggie dog 3. sarah kramer, cookbook author extraordinaire
MIDDLE: 4. a most delicious feast
BOTTOM: 5. dressed as a pea 6. pink sky 7. breakdancers

Monday, September 03, 2007

'bye summer

it's monday night and sadly i have to go to bed in a couple of hours because it's back to work tomorrow morning. time to become re-aquainted with the 6 am alarm clock. (grumble grumble...)

it's been an awesome two months though. probably one of my best summers yet. and although i didn't get to everything on my list, i do feel like i made the most of each day and accomplished a whole lot. i actually started to exercise on a regular basis (HUGE for me!) by swimming laps at the olympic pool closeby. i'm hoping to keep up the momentum even after going back to work by pledging to swim a couple of times a week (or more) at an indoor pool. i'm hoping that if i go straight from work, i'll actually stick with it.

so many other good things about the summer: lots of bonding with noah on walks and trips to the beach & park, reading more than i have in years, getting a crazy good start on my jewellery production for the "one of a kind show", experiencing real homemade ice-cream at ed's, lots of time with my honey on his weeks off, tuesday visits to the farmers' market and weekly tea time afterwards with kim. so much more but of course i'm forgetting it all now....

i ended my vacation today almost exactly how i started it in july. i took noah down to cherry beach for a romp on the off-leash trail and some time on the sand by the water. not quite as long as at the beginning of my summer: of course i had lots of things on my mind (getting back to work stuff) and i couldn't relax quite the same way. but it was a great way to say goodbye to my favourite season.

i took the top picture while on the trail at cherry beach this afternoon. and here's noah reluctantly sitting still amongst the tall grasses there. it's going to be a weird adjustment for him too when mommy leaves to go to work in the morning.

hope you all had a lovely labour day weekend!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

random food stuff...and other random stuff too

i know this isn't supposed to be a food blog, but i guess since it's a general whatever kind of blog, i can post about food once in awhile, right? and since i haven't been doing much other than swimming and gearing up to go back to work on tuesday i don't really have anything else to post about right now anyway.

ok, so first here's a picture of some really pretty eggplant that i spotted at the farmers' market last tuesday.

and today i ventured over to the brand new t&t supermarket in the portlands district. it's a big asian supermarket that just opened up a week or two ago. it was busy busy!!

i went in search of dulp pock. dulp pock is a type of tofu that is soft and pillowy and light as air. i think it's probably been deep-fried prior to being packaged but let's just forget about that ok? i haven't had it since i lived in guelph about 5 years ago. i'm happy to report that t&t didn't disappoint me! i found about 5 different kinds.

tonight we had steamed beans and roasted mini-potatoes (both from tuesday's market visit) and dulp pock smothered in president's choice szechuan peanut sauce. oh my! it was UNBELIEVABLE! the best part was the crunchy bits where the sauce carmelized.

other random stuff:
on friday, paul & i went to see the square foot show at awol gallery. we were amazed at how many pieces there were in the show. lots of fun eye candy there! wish i had brought my camera...i didn't think they'd let us take pictures.

also on friday, i was driving home after dropping paul off at his band's practice space and i saw george stroumboulopoulos driving an s.u.v. i know...i was sad he was driving a gas-guzzler too.

and the lovely wendy has named me a rockin' girl blogger! thanks, wendy! i guess i'm supposed to nominate 4 or 5 more people? this is hard...i don't like leaving people out. i think i'll just quietly email the people and let them know. is that allowed? i know...i'm so bad at these tagging things.