Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my summer "to-do" list

so one of the advantages to being a teacher is the 9 week summer vacation. this is week 4 and i already feel like i've done a lot.

* had a picnic in high park with friends
* taken noah (the pooch) to cherry beach for walks on the off-leash trail
* hung out at cherry beach with a blanket, noah, and a good book (lullabies)
* read an amazing novel
* spent a whole lot of time in the studio getting ready for the winter "one of a kind show"
* spent a few days up north at my mom's
* gone thrifting at goodwill's 50% off sale
* took part in a small craft fair
* enjoyed many breakfasts & dinners on our backyard deck
* celebrated our 3rd year anniversary (today!!) by going out for dinner at the same restaurant where we had our "reception" (for lack of a better word)

there's still so much i want to do though. luckily there's still 5 and a half weeks left before i go back to work. i'm going to make a list (and probably continue to edit it as i think of other ideas) so that i don't forget. then if i need an idea of something to fill my day, i can refer back to this list.

* get out the sewing machine and alter some of the clothing i've thrifted
* keep working in the studio and get lots of stuff ready for the show
* visit allen gardens and walk through the pretty greenhouses
* spend time at the toronto reference library
* finally go and check out toronto's first "forever 21" store
* begin participating in wardrobe_remix again (once the camera is fixed)
* spend more time with friends -- invite people over to the house
* make it a habit to shop at the farmers' market each tuesday
* organize my studio desk
* go through my closet/drawers and give away bags of clothing to charity
* maybe even paint the bedroom
* go back to visit mom and swim in the lake again
* visit little galleries on queen street west
* start exercising
* go to the island

i know i'll think of more. if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments, ok?

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Carla said...

Great list! I think someone should start a class called "altering thrifted clothing for people who aren't great seamstresses."