Wednesday, July 25, 2007

another productive day today! i was up at 7:30am and managed to get a bunch of errands done and still have time to bake up a whole bunch of shrinkies. i think they will probably become stud earrings. i also gave them all a coat of finish and will do the 2nd coat tomorrow. i love seeing them all lined up in neat colour-coded rows while they dry. unfortunately, you'll just have to use your imagination for now...

so with the camera still in the shop, i have to find things to blog about that can include pictures from the web. somehow i was led to facehunter tonight while looking through one of my contact's pics on flickr. what a great discovery! it's another one of those street style websites like wardrobe_remix or hel looks (although there are a million of them out there now).

here are 4 of my favourites from tonight's perusing (in no particular order):
i love the ruffles and little wicker case.

i'm a sucker for a red dress and those tennis-ball-sized beads are such fun!

trapeze dresses are so cute and the big ladybug applique is adorable.

i plan on continuing to build my collection of coloured tights this fall/winter and i'd love a pair in this electric shade.

i'll have 4 more pictures to share tomorrow...

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