Tuesday, February 17, 2009

movies i've seen recently

lately i've been watching more movies than usual. paul has band practice every friday night and i've found myself a lovely routine of curling up on the couch with noah and my favourite tattered quilt and watching a dvd, usually borrowed from the public library. it has become the perfect way to transition from the work week to the weekend.

two fridays ago i watched "the namesake", a movie based on the novel by jhumpa lahiri and it has really stuck with me. it was such a fantastic story and a beautifully shot movie. VERY highly recommended!
here's the trailer:

and this past weekend paul & i went to see the movie "wendy and lucy". i loved how quiet and minimal the movie was. a very simple story but completely intriguing.
the trailer:

any movie recommendations (either in the theatre now or something i can borrow from the library)?

i had to edit this to add:
i just watched the trailer for "the namesake" just to make sure that the embedding worked above and was reduced to a blubbering mess of tears. this movie is sooooo good! it is definitely on my list of all-time favourite films.

Monday, February 09, 2009

sensible sandals

i know my last shoe post was all about the maryjanes and boots i've been coveting (update: i tried on the clarks cutebars last thursday and they were awesome. but....i chickened out after figuring out the price after taxes). however i did find some sandals last night and actually brought them home with me. i know it's a tad early for summer footwear but i didn't hesitate a minute when i spotted a selection of worishofer sandals out front of a little store on the danforth.

i have a slightly uneasy feeling they may be knock-offs and feel a bit concerned that i may have just given 20 bucks to a terrorist cell. clue #1: they were $19.99 and the ones i've been coveting online for almost 2 years are much more than that (usually $70-ish). clue #2: they say "made in italy" and i'm pretty sure they are actually made in germany. clue #3: instead of a worishofer shoe-box, they came in a shoe box that just said "made in italy" in great big letters. hmmm....
but a great deal of googling this afternoon didn't confirm my suspicions. in fact, i couldn't find anything about "fake worishofers" at all.

please let me know if you find anything before i go and purchase a 2nd pair.....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

never met a cupcake i didn't like

seems like a harmless little thing, right?

it's a cute enough little cupcake with a sad lopsided heart of cocoa and cinnamon/ nutmeg mixture. all it wants is some love.

desperately craving homebaked cupcakes after enjoying a lovely chocolate-mint one on sunday afternoon during tea with kim, i ventured to my local public library and found vegan cupcakes take over the world. i took it home with dreams of making some delightful cupcakes. after consulting with paul i decided to try the chai latte ones, page 109. no sooner did i arrive home from work on wednesday afternoon and i was in the kitchen baking up a storm! it all seemed to be going so well!

after scarfing down dinner in anticipation of those spicy little cupcakies i was terribly disappointed to bite into a tough, doughy little puck. blech! so very, very blech.

i didn't even eat it. in the garbage they went...all 11 of them (paul politely ate one). i have a few ideas of where i may have gone wrong. that doesn't help ease the pain of throwing away a batch of cupcakes though.

sadly, these vegan cupcakes did not take over our world.

Monday, February 02, 2009

sensible shoes i'm currently obsessed with

throughout the last 2 months, i've spent countless hours online trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to replace my two beloved mary-janes from payless. they've lasted about 4 years or more, which is forever in payless shoe years. but now the pleather is lifting off, they're scratched down to a white layer, and just generally look awful. it makes me so sad because i still love their style.

for about a year now i've been wrestling with the decision of whether or not to purchase a pair of leather shoes. see, i haven't bought new leather in about 11 or 12 years, ever since i went vegetarian. about 3 years ago i started buying second-hand leather shoes thinking that second-hand anything is better for the planet than new stuff, leather or not. and after researching non-leather stuff a bit, i realize i'm probably exposing myself to a lot of nasty off-gassing from pvc. so i think i'm ready to try a pair of leather shoes in hopes that they'll last a bit longer than 4 years.

here are some of the shoes (and boots) i've been obsessing over for the last couple of months. hopefully i'll work up the courage to buy a pair soooooon. (it's so hard to think of spending this much money on shoes after so many years spending $25 on footwear.)

clarks cute bar

danskos lotus

gee wawa minute (it's the black ones i love)

naot motiff

el naturalista dryland

blowfish quizz

gee wawa topper boots

miz mooz blitz