Tuesday, February 19, 2008

can a girl marry a pair of shoes?

these lovelies set me back $3.50 because it was a 50%-off day at my local goodwill. they are an absolute dream...so comfy and cute, well...at least to me. i've been wanting a pair of oxfords for awhile now and the thrifting gods brought us together last wednesday.

here they are in action.

that very same day at that very same goodwill, i also found this other pair of super sturdy, very well-made shoes. yes, another pair of oxfords! (they actually remind me a lot of these frye shoes the fashion bloggers have been all over for awhile.) they followed me home too even though they're a half-size too big. i figured since they were also only $3.50 i could afford to give insoles a try.

i also spied this adorable vintage wicker purse ($3.00) with lovely tortoise-shell details. i'm wondering if it could be bakelite??

in other news, i'm craving muffins. anyone have a good recipe? (no raisins, please.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"year of the rat" opening

last thursday night was the opening of the year of the rat exhibit at PROOF gallery. it was a fun night! lots of really great prints by 100 or so artists from around the world. lots of very interesting interpretations of the whole "rat" concept too.

i really liked this little handmade book by carolyn eady. she said she was thinking about the michelangelo painting in the sistine chapel when she made it.

and it was nice to run into akemi who paul and i haven't seen in ages. i loved her print but unfortunately my camera didn't do it justice.

here's a wee peek at a couple of the brooches i made for the show.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ratgirl at PROOF gallery!

something incredibly exciting has happened.

while i was at the one of a kind show in november, a lovely woman named sheila approached me about taking part in the "year of the rat" exhibition at her gallery at the distillery. i was so flattered but a tiny bit nervous...i've never done anything for a gallery before!

well, this thursday evening is the opening of the "year of the rat" show at PROOF gallery! i'm soooooo excited! i've made many rat-themed pieces of jewellery especially for this show.

here's the invite

and the info
Year of the Rat
Opening: Thursday, Feb. 7th
5:00 - 9:00pm
Proof Gallery, Distillery District
www.proofstudiogallery.com for map of the Distillery

come take a peek if you get a chance!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

current obsession: 02-02-08

have you heard about this new show called quarterlife? it's about a group of twenty-somethings and their relationships, career woes, and general angst. and it's sooooo good!

right now it's only available online in small 8-ish minute episodes but i think it's coming to nbc soon. although the short episodes are a little frustrating---you no sooner get into the show and it ends---at least for now you won't have to deal with annoying commercials like you will when it comes to tv land.

oh, and i think the reason why i *love* this show SO MUCH is that it's made by the people who did my so-called life! i mean really, need i say more?