Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"year of the rat" opening

last thursday night was the opening of the year of the rat exhibit at PROOF gallery. it was a fun night! lots of really great prints by 100 or so artists from around the world. lots of very interesting interpretations of the whole "rat" concept too.

i really liked this little handmade book by carolyn eady. she said she was thinking about the michelangelo painting in the sistine chapel when she made it.

and it was nice to run into akemi who paul and i haven't seen in ages. i loved her print but unfortunately my camera didn't do it justice.

here's a wee peek at a couple of the brooches i made for the show.


Anonymous said...

i love them!!
you have to tell me all about it at dim sum because i never asked you before!! bad me!!

Kim's Suitcase said...

the rats in the cameos seem so regal. and i love them too!

Carla said...

That's so awesome! I bet the Year of the Rat will be lucky for you.

Mona said...

Hi Krissy aka ratgirl,
I bought the underpants earrings from you at your first one of a kind show and i LOVE them....except i lost the girlie all i have is the tidy whitey...
also, because i'm allergic to nickel, you created one for me made of silver
hope we can get in touch so i can order them from you.
how can i reach you?


krissy said...

hi mona,
i hope you come back to read this....i tried clicking on your blogger link but it said i couldn't access your page.

if you do see this message, please email me at:
ratgirlgoodies (at) hotmail (dot) com so we can work out a way to get you some new earrings! :)