Wednesday, April 19, 2006

6 things

last week, vania tagged me to tell 6 things about myself. unfortunately, i've been too busy enjoying everyone else's answers to sit down and answer it myself. so my first tidbit probably won't surprise you one bit.

1. i'm a procrastinator. i always have been and i've come to realize i probably always will be. i don't like this side of myself and i long to be one of those people who live without stress because they are always ahead of the game. i start report cards 2 days before they're due, i leave for work with just enough time to get there, i went through university cramming for every exam, and i never get birthday cards sent to people in time for their day. (shame) i may have finally learned my lesson last month though when i waited until the week before the ooak show to buy supplies for one style of necklace. the store i rely on was sold out of the crimps i needed. i went to every bead store in the city with no luck. in the end, i had to wait until 2 days into the show to feverishly make more necklaces when the crimps finally arrived.

2. i met my husband online. i've always been really shy about meeting guys and when i went into a profession that was mostly female, i realized it would be even harder to meet someone. my friend recommended a site that had lots of artists and musicians on it. that's how paul found me! funny sidenote: on our 1st date, i found out that paul was in a band that i had been crazy about for months! an ex had made me a mixed tape with 2 of paul's band's songs on it and i listened to them over and over. everytime i came to toronto i tried to find their cd with no success. needless to say, i ended up getting a copy from the drummer himself! :)

3. like mishka and jen, i'm an only child too. well, now that my mom has re-married i have a step-brother and step-sister. but until i was in my late-20's, i had none.

4. i'm in a sloan video. many years ago, sloan shot a video at york university and my bf-at-the-time and i went. it's for the song "the lines you amend" and i'm in the audience. somehow i managed to press the pause button on the vcr at the exact right time because even though it's a close up shot of me, that's the only way i can be spotted. (it flashes by really quickly...)

5. i am the least athletic person i know. i've never been co-ordinated enough to play any kind of organized sport. in fact, i never even learned how to skip double-dutch. isn't that totally pathetic??

6. i am terrified of speaking in front of people. i never thought this was odd, until i mentioned it to friends last week and they were shocked because i teach for a living. the thing is, i'm not nervous about speaking in front of kids, it's adults that terrify me. for instance, last week i went to a 2 hour focus group to discuss the bi-election we recently had in our riding. this was a dream-come-true for me...being offered $75 to go and talk politics (heck, i'd do it for free)! of course i jumped at the chance. but sitting around the table with 9 other people reminded me of how nervous i get in these situations. the first thing we had to do was tell our name and how long we've lived in toronto...simple, right? but as soon as i opened my mouth, i felt my face turn bright red and i could barely get the words out! i was so embarrassed. luckily, as the night went on i forced myself to speak and it got easier. but i swear my face was burning red for that first half hour.

...whew, i didn't know if i was going to be able to think of 6 things to tell you about myself! everyone else's answers have been so much more interesting....

so, i'm supposed to tag some people. how about deutsch, tania, and karina?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lovely easter

hope everyone had a good long weekend! paul + i went up north to my mom's and had a super relaxing time. lots of food, laughter and good family fun.

here are some random pictures from our weekend








1. table setting 2. doggy figurines 3. noah with my step-dad 4. pussywillows paul + i picked on a walk 5. relaxing on the couch with paul 6. our vegetarian chicken prior to slicing 7. my nephew, aaron (isn't he a cutie?)

Monday, April 10, 2006

fastest thrift score ever *

i think i've mentioned before how dangerous it is to have a goodwill strategically located beside our local grocery store. while paul picked up food for dinner on saturday i took a quick browse next door. when he came by 15 minutes later to pick me up, i found this beauty:

i know i won't be able to wear it for long, what with warmer weather coming. but for now it is the perfect spring coat. (will also work nicely for fall)

*sorry to all my flickr friends who've already seen this....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

crafting for the fun of it

it's been months since i've sat down and crafted just for the fun of it. it seems like the last several months have been all about spending spare crafting time getting ready for those 2 big shows or filling orders for snazzygirl. don't get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE making my ratgirl stuff! but everyone needs some time to create for pleasure (not profit).

i bought the cutest little light blue glass leaf beads awhile back, just because i liked them so much. i knew i'd get around to using them eventually. finally last night i pulled them out along with some red + green glass beads and decided to play around a bit.

i don't think it's the greatest thing i've ever made but man, it just felt good to play!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

sad computer


i'm tired of seeing this screen everytime i boot up so i ordered a new computer last night. it's nothing fancy but it will hopefully work better than what i have now.

Monday, April 03, 2006

one of a kind show hangover

oh my goodness...i am so exhausted! the one of a kind show ended yesterday after 5 crazy days. it went really well and was so much fun! (thanks so much to everyone for the well wishes on my last couple of posts.) so many friends came by to say hi. after hours and hours of talking to strangers, a friendly face is such a pick-me-up! the toronto glitter girls came by to visit and karen brought me some pocky and cookies with cute pictures on them. carla visited too and i even got to meet the lovely mishka!! now that the show is over and my life can return to normal, i can hardly wait to spend some time with all of these cool ladies!

my mom was such a trooper. not only did she open up the booth and hold down the fort while i was at my day job, but she also stayed to help once i got there, working 10 or 11-hours each day. and smiling the whole time! (thanks mom!!)

half of the fun of doing shows is trading. i totally scored the coolest piece of art made with love by candace of candi factory. i can't wait to add this to our wall of art in the studio.

and i bought this cute little hairpin made with a vintage finding

i loved watching people's reactions to these 2 charm bracelets

now i need to go sleep for a few days to recover!