Saturday, April 08, 2006

crafting for the fun of it

it's been months since i've sat down and crafted just for the fun of it. it seems like the last several months have been all about spending spare crafting time getting ready for those 2 big shows or filling orders for snazzygirl. don't get me wrong, i absolutely LOVE making my ratgirl stuff! but everyone needs some time to create for pleasure (not profit).

i bought the cutest little light blue glass leaf beads awhile back, just because i liked them so much. i knew i'd get around to using them eventually. finally last night i pulled them out along with some red + green glass beads and decided to play around a bit.

i don't think it's the greatest thing i've ever made but man, it just felt good to play!


Aimee "Roo" said...

i really like it! it is so very cute. the leaf bead is really super. :)

SmileyCarrie said...

I love just sitting down and doing a "craft".. how fun! Great necklace!

sadie said...

I really like your stuff!! I looked back in your archives at your crafts.
How long have you been crafty?? Forever? I also approve of sensible shoes!! :)

the knitrider said...

it came out really pretty! those are my favorite kinds of beads, they have such a retro feel. also they look very edible..mmm!

Carla said...


mishka said...

I love it - it is very spring-like. And it is one of those pieces that you can't put on and be in a bad mood. Fun pieces like this repel the grouchies!

vania said...

i love it too - the colours are so fun! And yes, sometimes it's fun to just play!

tania said...

oh its pretty! yes there is nothing like some time for fun-