Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

g'bye winter!

last night paul made apple crumble to celebrate the end of winter. it was absolutely delicious and made the house smell like heaven.
we ate it while we watched grey's anatomy. i can't even tell you how much i love this show!! LOVE IT! all of the characters are so complex and interesting. (my cousin tipped me off that there's even a grey's anatomy blog!)

in other news, i spent my entire march break (last week) stuck inside making stuff for the spring one of a kind show. it's coming up fast...wed. march 29th to sun. apr. 2nd. i'm just a tiny bit stressed....not too bad. i feel ok during the day when i'm working on it but when i go to bed at night i toss + turn thinking of stuff i still need to do, supplies i still need to buy, new designs i should work on for the next show. i can't turn my brain off even though i'm sleepy.
anyhow, here's a peek at a little bit of what i've been doing.
(waiting to become earrings)

(soon to be charm bracelets)

i've got necklaces & hairpins too but didn't bother taking a photo.

hope everyone had a great weekend...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

looks prettier than it tasted

i made a quick dinner yesterday that i thought would be pretty promising. whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese. i cooked a can of crushed tomatoes with oregano and italian spices and then added a bunch of spinach and cooked until wilted. i added that to whole wheat pasta, tossed and added some goat cheese on top. it was ok but definitely missing something. i should have added garlic but i was too hungry to be bothered. i might try this again but definitely spice it up a lot more. actually, portabella mushrooms might have been a nice addition....

here it is pre-goat cheese.
pasta in the pot

i solved the problem! after i heated up my leftovers at lunch, i just drizzled some "sundried tomato" salad dressing on top. it was delish!! :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

spring coming closer

sorry about my absence... i've been out sick for the last couple of weeks. finally, feeling more like myself again.

haven't done the wardrobe_remix thing over at flickr for a long time. i decided to post a recent outfit of mine and get paul in on the fun too.
grey shirt: hm
jeans: hm
belt: llbean (17 yrs ago!!)
scarf: me :)
felted-bead necklace: local crafter


cord blazer: thrifted
hoodie: thrifted
black tee: cbc shop
jeans: hm
toque: hm

if you haven't yet checked out the wardrobe_remix group at flickr, you really should. it's totally addictive.