Monday, March 30, 2009

i love the cbc

this is carla and i with our new bff's, steven and chris. hee hee (a girl can dream....) the truth is that carla & i went to see a taping of the steven & chris show at the cbc on friday. it was so much fun to see the "behind the scenes" at a live taping. i'm really bummed that the show has been put on hiatus, one of the sad casualties of the recent cbc cuts.

if i was a millionaire i would personally bail the cbc out of its financial woes myself...that's how much it means to me! but unfortunately i'm not a millionaire so i did what little i could do...i signed a petition started by asking the canadian government to help out cbc, especially if it's going to bail out mega-media corporations like ctv & canwest (as is rumoured...).

if you love the cbc as much as i do and are upset by the proposed 800 job cuts and major cuts to programming, then perhaps you'll want to sign the petition too.(almost 50 000 people have signed it in the last 72 hours!!)

ps: i don't think you don't need to be living in canada to sign the petition either.
you can find the petition here:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

etsy treasury #2

i made another treasury today. i called it "i haven't got a stitch to wear" after a line in a classic smiths song. i put together 4 cute was so much fun to play stylist for a little bit.

it expires on saturday i think, so go take a peek while it's up there.

i just checked my treasury before it expires in an hour and i had 24 comments. turns out it made it to the front page!! so exciting! i just wish i had seen it there myself....

craft show alert!

hey folks, i'll be at the *spring wake up* craft show this saturday from 11am - 3pm at hart house on the university of toronto campus. if you're in the city, come by and say hi!

details from the facebook group:
Spring Wake Up!
Celebrating Spring and do-it-yourself spirit!
Saturday, March 21, 11-3 pm
The Great Hall, Hart House

Throw off your winter coat and get your sap pumping at Spring Wake Up! This is a great event to get juices flowing for all ages, and a great way to spend a Spring Break Saturday.
Sow the seeds of creativity in a series of do-it-yourself workshops hosted by artists and community members including
*Operation Sock Monkey’s annual Sock-monk-a-thon (Create a sock monkey)
*Make recyclable pots and plant seeds to take home
*Learn to knit with Streetknit
*Eat Organic and Fresh on under $25/week by the Daily Apple
*Bring your kids and enjoy Spring stories and create a spring flower bouquet and add a flower to the ‘Flower Power Mural’ with enchanting storyteller and artist Cath Campbell
*Discover fabulous handmade clothing and gifts made locally by independent crafters
*The Joy T-shirt Project* *Ella’s Botanicals* *Sweetie Pie Press* *Dear Sukie* *thingsbySLO* *Ratgirl* and more…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


today just felt like a good day to make cookies.

ginger chocolate-chip cookies, that is. see that little mushed-up one in the corner there. i ate him right after i took this picture. hee!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

head in the clouds...

tonight my timing was perfect and i finally had a chance to make my very first treasury over on etsy. a treasury is a little curated collection of items from other people's etsy shops, usually with a theme. some treasuries are even chosen to be on the front page. but i'll just be happy if a few others have a chance to see mine before it expires on wednesday (mar. 11th).

after spending a weekend either agonizing over starting report cards ("ughh...i really should be doing reports...") or agonizing while actually doing them, creating this treasury was a welcome break. i thought the theme of "head in the clouds" was appropriate after so much work (and the whole time wishing i was doing something else instead).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

paper*cakes likes me!

my unicorn and rainbow hairpins were featured today on the super sweet paper*cakes finds blog!

thanks so much, chelsea!