Monday, March 30, 2009

i love the cbc

this is carla and i with our new bff's, steven and chris. hee hee (a girl can dream....) the truth is that carla & i went to see a taping of the steven & chris show at the cbc on friday. it was so much fun to see the "behind the scenes" at a live taping. i'm really bummed that the show has been put on hiatus, one of the sad casualties of the recent cbc cuts.

if i was a millionaire i would personally bail the cbc out of its financial woes myself...that's how much it means to me! but unfortunately i'm not a millionaire so i did what little i could do...i signed a petition started by asking the canadian government to help out cbc, especially if it's going to bail out mega-media corporations like ctv & canwest (as is rumoured...).

if you love the cbc as much as i do and are upset by the proposed 800 job cuts and major cuts to programming, then perhaps you'll want to sign the petition too.(almost 50 000 people have signed it in the last 72 hours!!)

ps: i don't think you don't need to be living in canada to sign the petition either.
you can find the petition here:


Brett Walther said...

Thanks for bringing this petition to our attention! Steven & Chris are two of our best cultural ambassadors, and the hiatus is so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous!!!!
signed the petition, thanks for posting it! i know heaps of folks who work for the cbc plus i grew up without cable teevee so this is so important to me. hope all is well wit you krissy!

tania said...

oh look at that great picture!!
:) so much fun- i signed it!

Carla said...

That was so fun! Totally worth having to work late. You're so sweet....offering to bail out the CBC once you become a millionaire! ha ha. I love it too of course. Maybe we could get Gill Deacon back, too. And JPod! Now now now to come up with million-dollar idea!

I have to start blogging again! See you soon.

vania said...

Thanks for posting this - i had no idea what was going on. And, i'm a CBC listener, who enjoys watching S@C when i'm home. Glad you could meet them, though, how cool!