Wednesday, April 27, 2005


my 17-year-long lucky streak ran out at 8:20am this morning.

i got my first speeding ticket.

i still can't believe it. i was just driving to work on the expressway minding my own business (in the slow lane, i might add...) and as soon as i got off on my exit ramp, the cop was there waiting for me. damn! right on the exit! how unfair is that???

the funniest thing is that i had no clue why there was some guy standing in the middle of the road. i was thinking, "that idiot is going to get run over!". and then i realized it was a cop. now most people would have figured it out by that point, but i swear for a split second i thought he was just pulling me over for a seatbelt check or the r.i.d.e. program. duh!

then he told me i was doing 85 in a 60 (km/hour) zone. *gulp*

as i pulled away all i could think was "i can't believe i just got a ticket!". i couldn't stop obsessing over the $100 i had to pay and the threat of losing points (and increasing insurance costs). after a few secret tears on my way to work, i decided i'm going to fight it and hopefully get the points situation fixed. wish me luck...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


it's kinda mean but it's also pretty funny. someone has a blog in which their sole purpose is to point out how crappy some celebrities dress. fun in small doses!

Monday, April 25, 2005

tv time

over the weekend i figured out why i had been so tired last week...i was fighting a nasty cold virus that really wanted to take up residence in my body. this weekend, it moved in and brought family.

since i felt crappy all day saturday and sunday, i brought my pillow and blanky down to the couch and spent a guilt-free weekend napping and watching dvd's. a brand new indie video store has opened up in our 'hood so we started a membership there and rented closer and manhattan.

we had really high hopes for closer, since it had a few golden globe and oscar nominations but we were both really disappointed by it. there was zero character development which made us feel nothing for any of the people involved in the story. now on the other hand, manhattan was an incredible movie! the characters are all likeable and quirky not to mention the beautiful cinematography. even in black and white new york looks so pretty!

on sunday we rented a bunch of the up series dvd's. the up series is a documentary series that interviews a number of children in 1964 when they are 7 years old. those same people are then interviewed again every 7 years. it is absolutely the most fascinating thing to see! we watched 7 up and 7 plus 7 which follows the children at age 14. i was so engrossed by the time those were over that paul ran out and got 21 up and 28 up just as the video store was closing. we watched 21 up before bed and will likely watch 28 up tonight or tomorrow. i can't wait!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

inspiration for a grey day

the cool thing about the internet is that if you have the time to play around on it, you can find some great stuff in the most roundabout way. it's like going for a walk and getting lost on purpose just to see where it leads you and what you can find along the way.

here's what i found today:

from, a most unusual room where the wall display is made from rolls of receipt paper, and the top layer of the bed has been created by knitting the insides of pillows to mattress springs.

and a close-up view of the chandalier in the room, made with those clear plastic hangers they use in zellers or walmart. (i love this!)

from, a vase that's made from your signature
signature vase

and a vase you're supposed to break (it won't shatter to bits but they say the cracks you make from throwing it on the floor give it its own unique look)
do break vase

and i know i've seen this on another blog but i'm so sorry, i forget whose it was. anyhow, i stumbled upon it at you will always know when you're tea is brewed to perfection by using your own pantone mug to check the colour.
pantone mugs

now it's time to make my way back home again...

Friday, April 22, 2005

i love cute clothes

maybe it's the change of weather, but i'm feeling like everyday when i start to get dressed i have a little fashion emergency because i have nothing to wear! i wish it wasn't so darn expensive to order from the u.s. because today i'm wishing i could order up some of these babies to help me alleviate my closet crisis.

from made with love by hannah
i love this....4

i love this...7

from virgin threads
i love this...2

i love this...3

from cut and paste
i love this....6

from amet and sasha
i love this...5

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i ramble when i'm tired

i'm not sure why but i've been soooooo tired this week. everyday after i get home from work i've been crashing for an hour or more. i don't know what's up with me. i've been going to bed pretty much at my usual time.

on sunday frederica and jim came to visit and have dinner. we sat out on the deck and hung out for awhile and then walked over to little india to get some food. i think pakistan won a cricket game because there were cars beeping their horns and people hanging out of car windows with the pakistan flag. the sidewalks were packed with people and there was just a really great energy! fred wanted to get some stuff from the one of the indian groceries and i snapped this picture (which i didn't realize had such crappy lighting...sorry).

little india

we ate at the most incredible and cheap vegetarian restaurant. four of us ate until we were absolutely stuffed for....get this....$25! that includes bottled water and juice for everyone. that is unheard of in this city!

i wish i had taken a picture of some of the window displays. the sarees are so colourful and pretty. i went into a shop a few days ago and couldn't believe how gorgeous the fabric is up close. i love the colourful bangles too.

i'd better go and start making dinner. america's next top model is on tonight and i don't want to miss it because i'm in the kitchen. i am way too addicted to that show. i hope naima wins (even though i know she probably won't). please tell me i'm not the only person who can't get enough of this.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


i'm back from the hockey game. p's team won 8-0! he almost scored but the goalie caught the puck in his mitt. bah!

on the way home i decided to see if the new bust magazine was out but no luck. maybe next week the guy said. i'm pretty sure some people have been talking about it online, but i guess it's only out in the states so far.

if there was any doubt before that spring was here, it's arrival was confirmed tonight by the crowds of people packing the streets in greektown. that place is a hotspot all summer long and if i didn't know any better, i'd say either greece won the world cup today or people in this city are coming out of hibernation!!!

unfortunately, none of the pictures i took at the hockey game turned out (blurry from all the action) but here's a cool one i snapped on the way home. i love it! it reminds me of these oil paintings by a local artist whose work i adore.

highway at night

good night, everyone!

today is a better day because...

1. we started our saturday morning off with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on muslix toast. yummy!
eggs benny

2. we took noah to the dog park and it was full of adorable dogs i've never met before.

3. it was the first day this year i sat outside on the deck and knit.
(here's the progress on the knitted purse.)
knit purse 2nd day

4. i found out who my swap partner is for the colour-themed swap over at glitter. i can't wait to get started on crafting up some stuff for her!

5. i'm on my way out to see my hubby play hockey. i've never seen him play before but his team is in the playoffs so i want to go cheer him on! (he even scored a goal last week!)

and here's the result of spring bringing out noah's mischevious side. he did something very out of character today. when we were upstairs he took paul's lip balm off of the coffee table and ate it up. naughty dog!

the remnants of paul's favourite lip balm. r.i.p. lip saver.
bad dog

Friday, April 15, 2005


today started out great but turned out crappy. when i got home from work and saw a big yellow envelope in the mailbox, i knew it was bad news. i didn't get into my favourite outdoor art/craft show this year. i was so hoping i would because i've done the show for two years in a row and done really really well. i'm not sure why except that my catagory (jewellery) gets filled up very quickly. maybe i didn't get my application in early enough to get a spot? i don't know. whatever. i've been bummed all day.

i tried to distract myself by watching ambush makeover (my favourite daytime tv) and starting a new knitting project.

knit purse

it's called "funky purse" and it's from hollywood knits style, by suss cousins. i got it from the library this week. it's actually an okay book. i don't think i'd buy it but there are a few good patterns i might photocopy. (wait, is that illegal? am i going to get arrested for saying that?). the lighting is sucky in the picture but i'm using some yarn i've had sitting around for over a year (patons upcountry in ice blue).

oh no! i've just noticed that patons has discountinued this yarn! i love this stuff! how could they do this?

excuse me while i go tear around on ebay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

warning: sugary cuteness ahead

paul found this website and i have to pass it along.
it's a website for a pooch named mr. winkle. apparently looking like a teddy bear isn't enough. to up the cute factor, his tongue hangs out of his mouth permanently!


mr. winkle even has his own series of books!

and a video!

must. stop. looking.

too. much. cuteness.

Monday, April 11, 2005

getting crafty with fake meat

there's this new free daily paper that just started up here called dose. paul came home with it today and said "this paper rocks!"

here's why:

veggie meat collage

some crafty person has made a lovely collage entirely out of fake meat (yves veggie cuisine products to be specific)!

how wicked is that?!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


what a fantastic weekend! paul and i spent saturday afternoon with noah at the dog park. we have discovered that there is a massive park with several off-leash areas less than a 10-minute walk away. and it only took us 10 months to discover this was part of our neighbourhood (hangs head in shame). i wish i had pictures but we forgot to bring the camera. next time! anyhow, noah loved it. he had so much fun running around without a leash and sniffing bums. that's like disneyland to a dog!

today was another gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon raking and cleaning up the backyard.

yard work

we're getting excited about fixing it up the way we want since it was too late in the summer to do much planting when we moved in last year. we've been browsing through some library books learning and picking out perrenial flowers and grasses. the books are a bit overwhelming for two clueless would-be gardeners so i think we'll just go to a garden centre with a couple of pictures of what we like. we need a professional to hold our hand and tell us what to do. our idea is to make an L-shaped garden along the edges of our yard. i think it's going to be really nice (that is, if we don't kill the plants).

and look what i noticed happening in our backyard. these are actual buds from an actual tree!
spring is actually here! woo hoo!

first buds on the tree

Saturday, April 09, 2005

hugs and kisses for the public library

i cannot get enough of the library. i can get lost just making endless searches on the library website and placing holds on anything and everything that piques my interest. at any given time i probably have 40+ books on my ever-growing list of requests. but because my interests are pretty common (knitting especially), i often have to wait months to receive some of the titles. there are some books i requested 4 months ago that i still haven't seen.

this weekend i'm drooling over some of my latest library acquisitions.

1. peach berserk's silkscreen workshop on dvd

how to silkscreen dvd

it took me a couple of weeks to find the time to sit down and watch this, but i finally did last night. i'm so glad i did! kingi carpenter (the owner of local biz "peach berserk") is totally kooky and says "cute" too many times to count, but you can tell she's having fun. i love that she encourages people to just try silkscreening and not get hung up on making perfect drawings. someday when i have extra cash i'd like to take a class at her shop.

2. teen knitting club (click on the title to see the cover)

ok, so i have a confession. i am no longer a teen. in fact, i haven't been a teen for over 15 years. (ack! how can that be???) but i love knitting and am constantly looking for cute patterns that aren't too hard for my beginner skills. i took this book out on a whim but what a treasure! it's full of easy patterns that i would actually make and i love the section called "top 10 problems and what to do about them". such a good resource to have on hand. i am so buying this as soon as it's due back at the library.

here are 2 (of the many) things i want to make:

the dropped stitch scarf (i'd like to use some thick handspun wool for this)
dropped stitch scarf

and the raggy bag (i'd add a little loop in a corner to make it into a clutch)
raggy bag purse

3. kids' embroidery (click for a picture of the cover)

i want to learn how to embroider sooooo badly! lisa (see her wicked soap a few posts ago) is the queen of embroidery. i'll have to take a picture of the kitty skull she made for paul and i as a wedding gift. it is beyond any embroidery i've ever seen before. i'll just be pleased as punch if i can accomplish one of these more humble projects from the book.

stuffed dogs and kittens
embroidered dogs and cats

or even a pincushion
embroidered pincushion

library, i love you!
xoxo krissy

Friday, April 08, 2005

committed to this cause

i have a new cause.

this week i made the decision to bring back the saying "kiss my grits". i think its time has come around again.

here's what started my thinking: this week paul and i tried unsuccessfully to hire someone to clean out our eavestrough. we thought we had found the person to do the job, but when he didn't come by or call after 4 days, paul rang him up. "oh, i've been too busy with another house" was his excuse. still didn't show up the next day. so you know what i said...."let's find someone else. he can kiss my grits!"...

it was so much fun to say!

so c'mon people! i need your help to revive the saying that made flo famous. let's give 'kiss my grits' a new lease on life. feel free to add some southern twang that made the expression famous the first time around ["kiss maah gree-its"] or freshen it up by saying it in a way that tells the world you are really pissed ["no seriously...kiss my grits."]. it's up to you!

channel your inner flo.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

must be spring...

it's a beautiful day out today. sunny and warm. so i took noah outside to play fetch in the backyard. but he wanted nothing to do with catching a stick. no way. all he wanted to do was roll in the grass.

bad dog!

it was like he was trying to get the scent of spring all over his body so he could take it inside with him.

i kept throwing sticks but he just ignored them. after about 15 minutes i decided he was filthy enough. time to go back in the house. but i managed to snap this picture with him first.

noah and mommy

and an extreme close-up....


hmm...maybe noah needs his own blog?

Monday, April 04, 2005

if you think the war in iraq is as stupid i do...

check out this website

and prepare to be sickened by how the money could have been put to a much better use.

(found this through stumble upon)

weekend round-up

so you know from looking at my last post that saturday was just miserable and wet and cold and all-around crappy! ugh! paul and i stayed in pretty much all day. but we braved the elements to meet frederica and jim at a cute little sushi place. we haven't been able to get together for waaaayyy too long and it was so great to finally see them and spend time together!

here are paul, fred, and jim enjoying the massive amount of vegetarian sushi we're about to scarf down!

sushi with fred and jim

fred and jim ordered the same thing that paul and i ordered: a bento box combo (vegetable tempura, noodles, steamed tofu, and lots of cucumber and avocado sushi) and a maki combo (18 pieces of sushi: cucumber, avocado, and my absolute favourite...sweet potato and crispy tofu! ohmygod...that was amazing!). paul and i shared and so did fred and jim. we felt kinda bad because we were there eating and talking and laughing for 2.5 hours and were the last table to leave. oops.

lisa (a longtime friend of paul and fred, who lives in maine) sent an amazing package to fred and jim's for us and they gave it to us at dinner. it was a bag full of the most yummy smelling handmade soap!

lisa's soap

you know it's good when most of them are named after food! (butterscotch oatmeal, creamsicle, chocolate coffee, and my favourite...sweet pumpkin!) i wish the internet had smell-o-vision so you could smell them!

lisa spent so much time designing the labels! look how cool these are...

soap labels

i also like the coconut soap...there's a picture of a tiki head on the label.

if you're reading this, lisa....thank you soooo much!!!

Saturday, April 02, 2005


spring, where did you go?

Image hosted by

please come back soon. i miss you already.

Friday, April 01, 2005

family project

i signed up to stumble upon today and look what i found. this is so cool!