Saturday, April 16, 2005


i'm back from the hockey game. p's team won 8-0! he almost scored but the goalie caught the puck in his mitt. bah!

on the way home i decided to see if the new bust magazine was out but no luck. maybe next week the guy said. i'm pretty sure some people have been talking about it online, but i guess it's only out in the states so far.

if there was any doubt before that spring was here, it's arrival was confirmed tonight by the crowds of people packing the streets in greektown. that place is a hotspot all summer long and if i didn't know any better, i'd say either greece won the world cup today or people in this city are coming out of hibernation!!!

unfortunately, none of the pictures i took at the hockey game turned out (blurry from all the action) but here's a cool one i snapped on the way home. i love it! it reminds me of these oil paintings by a local artist whose work i adore.

highway at night

good night, everyone!

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V said...

Gorgeous photograph.

Congrats to your husband's team! Hockey's one of my favorite sports to watch ... so sad at the way the American NHL went this season.