Saturday, April 23, 2005

inspiration for a grey day

the cool thing about the internet is that if you have the time to play around on it, you can find some great stuff in the most roundabout way. it's like going for a walk and getting lost on purpose just to see where it leads you and what you can find along the way.

here's what i found today:

from, a most unusual room where the wall display is made from rolls of receipt paper, and the top layer of the bed has been created by knitting the insides of pillows to mattress springs.

and a close-up view of the chandalier in the room, made with those clear plastic hangers they use in zellers or walmart. (i love this!)

from, a vase that's made from your signature
signature vase

and a vase you're supposed to break (it won't shatter to bits but they say the cracks you make from throwing it on the floor give it its own unique look)
do break vase

and i know i've seen this on another blog but i'm so sorry, i forget whose it was. anyhow, i stumbled upon it at you will always know when you're tea is brewed to perfection by using your own pantone mug to check the colour.
pantone mugs

now it's time to make my way back home again...


stich 'N' match said...

loved the room and the signature vase.

karina said...

HI Krissy
Good to spend some time 'getting lost' on such a yucky-weather weekend. Thanks for those cool images.