Saturday, April 16, 2005

today is a better day because...

1. we started our saturday morning off with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on muslix toast. yummy!
eggs benny

2. we took noah to the dog park and it was full of adorable dogs i've never met before.

3. it was the first day this year i sat outside on the deck and knit.
(here's the progress on the knitted purse.)
knit purse 2nd day

4. i found out who my swap partner is for the colour-themed swap over at glitter. i can't wait to get started on crafting up some stuff for her!

5. i'm on my way out to see my hubby play hockey. i've never seen him play before but his team is in the playoffs so i want to go cheer him on! (he even scored a goal last week!)

and here's the result of spring bringing out noah's mischevious side. he did something very out of character today. when we were upstairs he took paul's lip balm off of the coffee table and ate it up. naughty dog!

the remnants of paul's favourite lip balm. r.i.p. lip saver.
bad dog

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