Tuesday, April 12, 2005

warning: sugary cuteness ahead

paul found this website and i have to pass it along.
it's a website for a pooch named mr. winkle. apparently looking like a teddy bear isn't enough. to up the cute factor, his tongue hangs out of his mouth permanently!


mr. winkle even has his own series of books!

and a video!

must. stop. looking.

too. much. cuteness.


karina said...

Ohmygod! That web page is f*!%ing funny! Who knew Mr Winkle was such a superstar!

Knitcore Nadia said...

Have you ever seen the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie has to go before Mr. Winkie (Winkle?) at a book reading? I had no idea there actually was a little demented looking dog like that!

krissy said...

i don't think i've seen that episode but on the website there's a picture of sarah jessica parker (not looking terribly amused, i must say) posing with mr. winkle.

tania said...

OH dear me mr winkle is the best!!!