Monday, April 04, 2005

weekend round-up

so you know from looking at my last post that saturday was just miserable and wet and cold and all-around crappy! ugh! paul and i stayed in pretty much all day. but we braved the elements to meet frederica and jim at a cute little sushi place. we haven't been able to get together for waaaayyy too long and it was so great to finally see them and spend time together!

here are paul, fred, and jim enjoying the massive amount of vegetarian sushi we're about to scarf down!

sushi with fred and jim

fred and jim ordered the same thing that paul and i ordered: a bento box combo (vegetable tempura, noodles, steamed tofu, and lots of cucumber and avocado sushi) and a maki combo (18 pieces of sushi: cucumber, avocado, and my absolute favourite...sweet potato and crispy tofu! ohmygod...that was amazing!). paul and i shared and so did fred and jim. we felt kinda bad because we were there eating and talking and laughing for 2.5 hours and were the last table to leave. oops.

lisa (a longtime friend of paul and fred, who lives in maine) sent an amazing package to fred and jim's for us and they gave it to us at dinner. it was a bag full of the most yummy smelling handmade soap!

lisa's soap

you know it's good when most of them are named after food! (butterscotch oatmeal, creamsicle, chocolate coffee, and my favourite...sweet pumpkin!) i wish the internet had smell-o-vision so you could smell them!

lisa spent so much time designing the labels! look how cool these are...

soap labels

i also like the coconut soap...there's a picture of a tiki head on the label.

if you're reading this, lisa....thank you soooo much!!!


Lisa Agostini said...

Dearest Krissy,

I hope you like the soaps and definitely let me know which ones work and which could be improved. You are soooooo nice to put them on your Blog. Your Blog is very fun, nice and laid back. It's a very fun and relaxing read - yet also shows your enthusiasm for so many things. I will be a regular reader no doubt!


krissy said...

yay! lisa!! :)

thank you so much for stopping by. we absolutely LOVE the soap. we just have to finish off our boring store-bought bar before we dig into yours. for now we are just enjoying how yummy they smell and how pretty they look. they make the whole room smell delicious! thank you again for the fun package you sent us!