Wednesday, April 20, 2005

i ramble when i'm tired

i'm not sure why but i've been soooooo tired this week. everyday after i get home from work i've been crashing for an hour or more. i don't know what's up with me. i've been going to bed pretty much at my usual time.

on sunday frederica and jim came to visit and have dinner. we sat out on the deck and hung out for awhile and then walked over to little india to get some food. i think pakistan won a cricket game because there were cars beeping their horns and people hanging out of car windows with the pakistan flag. the sidewalks were packed with people and there was just a really great energy! fred wanted to get some stuff from the one of the indian groceries and i snapped this picture (which i didn't realize had such crappy lighting...sorry).

little india

we ate at the most incredible and cheap vegetarian restaurant. four of us ate until we were absolutely stuffed for....get this....$25! that includes bottled water and juice for everyone. that is unheard of in this city!

i wish i had taken a picture of some of the window displays. the sarees are so colourful and pretty. i went into a shop a few days ago and couldn't believe how gorgeous the fabric is up close. i love the colourful bangles too.

i'd better go and start making dinner. america's next top model is on tonight and i don't want to miss it because i'm in the kitchen. i am way too addicted to that show. i hope naima wins (even though i know she probably won't). please tell me i'm not the only person who can't get enough of this.


tania said...

i have been sleepy too!

stich 'N' match said...

Oh Krissy, they have just finished airing season three, i am a dedicatd fan and knew Eva would be crowned eventually.
Will check the website and give you some feedback later.