Tuesday, April 05, 2005

must be spring...

it's a beautiful day out today. sunny and warm. so i took noah outside to play fetch in the backyard. but he wanted nothing to do with catching a stick. no way. all he wanted to do was roll in the grass.

bad dog!

it was like he was trying to get the scent of spring all over his body so he could take it inside with him.

i kept throwing sticks but he just ignored them. after about 15 minutes i decided he was filthy enough. time to go back in the house. but i managed to snap this picture with him first.

noah and mommy

and an extreme close-up....


hmm...maybe noah needs his own blog?


Karina said...

I have never seen this Noah before.
ya, rolling in the spring, doesn't everyone want to do that? Dogs are smart!

dk said...

I can't get over that dogster site! My puppy needs some "pup pals!"

V said...

Noah's adorable.

I am tempted to roll in the grass now that there is finally some to roll in. :)

Dad said...

Tell Noah that Sam likes to roll over on his back and sprawl spread eagle on the grass. He calls it.."His invitation to Spring"

shash said...

cute cute cute dog! i want a curly dog! my cat won't stand for it though. damn. just found your blog through friend bunny (i think). i'm enjoying it!