Saturday, April 09, 2005

hugs and kisses for the public library

i cannot get enough of the library. i can get lost just making endless searches on the library website and placing holds on anything and everything that piques my interest. at any given time i probably have 40+ books on my ever-growing list of requests. but because my interests are pretty common (knitting especially), i often have to wait months to receive some of the titles. there are some books i requested 4 months ago that i still haven't seen.

this weekend i'm drooling over some of my latest library acquisitions.

1. peach berserk's silkscreen workshop on dvd

how to silkscreen dvd

it took me a couple of weeks to find the time to sit down and watch this, but i finally did last night. i'm so glad i did! kingi carpenter (the owner of local biz "peach berserk") is totally kooky and says "cute" too many times to count, but you can tell she's having fun. i love that she encourages people to just try silkscreening and not get hung up on making perfect drawings. someday when i have extra cash i'd like to take a class at her shop.

2. teen knitting club (click on the title to see the cover)

ok, so i have a confession. i am no longer a teen. in fact, i haven't been a teen for over 15 years. (ack! how can that be???) but i love knitting and am constantly looking for cute patterns that aren't too hard for my beginner skills. i took this book out on a whim but what a treasure! it's full of easy patterns that i would actually make and i love the section called "top 10 problems and what to do about them". such a good resource to have on hand. i am so buying this as soon as it's due back at the library.

here are 2 (of the many) things i want to make:

the dropped stitch scarf (i'd like to use some thick handspun wool for this)
dropped stitch scarf

and the raggy bag (i'd add a little loop in a corner to make it into a clutch)
raggy bag purse

3. kids' embroidery (click for a picture of the cover)

i want to learn how to embroider sooooo badly! lisa (see her wicked soap a few posts ago) is the queen of embroidery. i'll have to take a picture of the kitty skull she made for paul and i as a wedding gift. it is beyond any embroidery i've ever seen before. i'll just be pleased as punch if i can accomplish one of these more humble projects from the book.

stuffed dogs and kittens
embroidered dogs and cats

or even a pincushion
embroidered pincushion

library, i love you!
xoxo krissy


robin said...

hahaha. i "bought my daughter" both the teen knitting club AND kids embroidery at christmas. even more coincidental, the first thing i made from either, actually, WAS THE DROPPED STITCH SCARF. i made one with licorice from joann fabrics (which is VERY VERY handspun-like) and then a friend begged me to do a swap with her for another just like it ...point being that it came out well.

great minds?? i like your site, btw!

robin said...

i couldn't find where to e-mail you, so i'm leaving a comment... sure you can link to me silly girl! you are on my list too. ( i was rudely not going to ask, but yeah? is it ok?) i'm updating my links this week.

why is your public library so great? mine is kind of stinky.

tania said...

me too!!
i just remembered the library and got a wicked crochet book.
ahhh yes.

Martha said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice! I want to learn embroidery, too. For a little inspiration, you might like to check out Tilleke Schwartz