Friday, April 15, 2005


today started out great but turned out crappy. when i got home from work and saw a big yellow envelope in the mailbox, i knew it was bad news. i didn't get into my favourite outdoor art/craft show this year. i was so hoping i would because i've done the show for two years in a row and done really really well. i'm not sure why except that my catagory (jewellery) gets filled up very quickly. maybe i didn't get my application in early enough to get a spot? i don't know. whatever. i've been bummed all day.

i tried to distract myself by watching ambush makeover (my favourite daytime tv) and starting a new knitting project.

knit purse

it's called "funky purse" and it's from hollywood knits style, by suss cousins. i got it from the library this week. it's actually an okay book. i don't think i'd buy it but there are a few good patterns i might photocopy. (wait, is that illegal? am i going to get arrested for saying that?). the lighting is sucky in the picture but i'm using some yarn i've had sitting around for over a year (patons upcountry in ice blue).

oh no! i've just noticed that patons has discountinued this yarn! i love this stuff! how could they do this?

excuse me while i go tear around on ebay.

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robin said...

sorry about not getting into the craft fair! here's a cyber-hug for you--or a lovely bouquet of parenthesis:


that suss purse is super cute. i'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.