Wednesday, April 27, 2005


my 17-year-long lucky streak ran out at 8:20am this morning.

i got my first speeding ticket.

i still can't believe it. i was just driving to work on the expressway minding my own business (in the slow lane, i might add...) and as soon as i got off on my exit ramp, the cop was there waiting for me. damn! right on the exit! how unfair is that???

the funniest thing is that i had no clue why there was some guy standing in the middle of the road. i was thinking, "that idiot is going to get run over!". and then i realized it was a cop. now most people would have figured it out by that point, but i swear for a split second i thought he was just pulling me over for a seatbelt check or the r.i.d.e. program. duh!

then he told me i was doing 85 in a 60 (km/hour) zone. *gulp*

as i pulled away all i could think was "i can't believe i just got a ticket!". i couldn't stop obsessing over the $100 i had to pay and the threat of losing points (and increasing insurance costs). after a few secret tears on my way to work, i decided i'm going to fight it and hopefully get the points situation fixed. wish me luck...


the knitrider said...

ugh, im with you on may 3rd. i got a ticket for "not stopping at a stop sign", which I TOTALLY DID. I was so upset because on top of that it was a terrible day and the cop was a total b****. ugh. hope we both come out clean.

Dad said...

How upsetting is that! Not because you got a ticket..but because I taught you how to drive!!!

Mom said...

A speeding nasty.....hope you told that cop to "kiss your grits" (after you drove away, of course).