Sunday, May 01, 2005


sorry i haven't been around much...still fighting the nasty remnants of the cold i had last week.

today is going to be super busy. i'm finishing up an order for a new store that's about to open up in kensington market called "the rage". i have to deliver my stuff on wednesday and i can't wait to see the shop! i also need to get my application together for a summer art show and finish off the last few remaining thank-you notes to family and friends that are long overdue. (mom, if you're reading this i know that you'll be happy to hear that!)

last week i had to pop by the japanese paper place to get some stuff for my colour-themed swap. i got some really pretty paper but i can't show you until i send the package out. while i was there i spotted a table of "sneak peeks" for a sidewalk sale. i totally scored some cute stickers for the most outrageous price (50 cents each, regular $3.95!).

some of the lucky cat stickers
lucky cat stickers

and some shiny sanrio stickers

a few doors down from the japanese paper place is a nice little french pastry shop called clafouti so i got paul a little treat.

raspberry tart...mmm!


V said...

Good luck with your order, and congratulations!

Cute paper :). The raspberry tart looks delicious!

the knitrider said...

mm tart! there is this cafe over here called cafe selmarie and they have the best tarts and fruit thingys! congrats on getting stuff in that new shop!