Tuesday, May 10, 2005

paul's birthday

on saturday it was my hubby's 39th birthday. he was feeling a little out of sorts because, well, nobody likes birthdays after their 19th (i guess that would be the 21st birthday for my american friends). i mean, once you can vote, drive, and drink legally, what's the purpose of getting older, right?! so we decided to get out and have some fun! (of course we completely forgot to bring the camera...doh!)

paul has been wanting to see the christo and jean claude exhibit at the art gallery of ontario for a really long time. we thought his birthday was the perfect time to do it! just as we were approaching the a.g.o, we saw an advertisment for the o.c.a.d. student exhibition and decided to check that out first (conveniently beside the a.g.o). we were so sad we didn't have the camera because it was our first time going into the new ocad building (no, there isn't still snow here)! we saw some great stuff, especially one particular photographer. on the first floor they had an old fridge converted into a "vending machine" from which you can buy a piece of art for a donation. i bought this photo called "harajuku girls" by christine magsalay because it reminded me of one of my most favourite books, fruits.
here is part of the photo:
harajuku girls

we were happy to learn that during the month of may, admission to the christo and jean claude exhibit is free! woo hoo
ago ticket

the exhibit was incredible with many sketches and plans for all of their installations around the world, including their most recent gates exhibit in nyc. i loved reading about all of their projects, of which i only knew about 2 or 3. they had swatches of the fabric they used in each, which was interesting to see upclose as well. if you live in or around toronto, you should try to see this exhibit before it's gone (i think may 15th is the last day).

after the art gallery i bought paul dinner at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in toronto...king's cafe in kensington market. we LOVE this place! we had fried rice, spring rolls, fried bean curd with bok choy and avocado temaki. delish! (of course, i'd show you...if we had brought the camera!)

we got home just in time to enjoy key lime pie with paul's dad and his partner joan outside on our deck. a great end to a fabulous day!

oops! i almost forgot. here's a picture of the birthday boy opening up his presents.
happy birthday paul

i gave him the new john stewart book and the metric cd.
i think i'm going to go watch the video for "dead disco" right now... you should too!

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tania said...

yay for may!
i better go check out the show if its free.
and i LOVE fruits. great score on the similar picture!