Saturday, May 14, 2005

random bits

here are some random bits of what i've been doing/thinking about/buying over the last few days.

1. after months of having my name on the hold list for scarf style, i finally got my hands on a copy. oh, how i love goodies from the library!

i especially want to make these 2 patterns from the book.
ruffled capelet

scarf 1

2. i have had "combat baby" by metric in my head all week. if you ever decide to start up your own cult, i think you need to commission metric to compose your theme song. your followers will be singing your subliminal messages to themselves all day without even realizing it.

3. paul and i are in a food rut right now but he dreamed up this yummy supper a few days ago. grilled veggie salad. we grilled up some portabella mushrooms and red peppers and put them on top of mixed greens. cut up some gouda in small cubes and bob's yer uncle. it was sooo yummy!
grilled veggie salad

4. i've been in a panic ever since i learned that patons has discontinued my most favourite wool, upcountry. after scouring ebay and other online wool shops, i decided the only way i was going to get my hands on some chocolate brown and baby pink was to get it from my teeny tiny hometown. i asked my dad to do a yarn run for me and even terms like "dye lot" didn't scare him off. yesterday my lovely stash arrived in the mail! thank you sooo much dad! xo
(here's some yarn porn for my fellow online addicts.)

5. i scored some lovely polkadot socks at dollarama. yes, i paid one whole dollar for them. they aren't even scratchy. the question is, will they last the first trip through the wash?
polka dot feet


robin said...

scarf style is one of my favorite knitting books! that blue one is on my to-do list for fall. i have already a bunch done on the turtle-neck shrug one too (it is on the cover i think). yeah for like minds!

i can't wait for our swap! let me know what you're thinking...

Mom said...

I loooove the ruffled capelet. Is it difficult to knit? Can you scan and email the pattern to me? Are the sleeves arm warmers? Do tell all!!!!! Love you. Mom