Thursday, May 26, 2005

happy birthday for me

yesterday was my 34th birthday. i wasn't even going to mention it, except paul took me out for a yummy dinner and spoiled me rotten with some pretty awesome gifts, so i thought you'd enjoy seeing the pictures.

we went to my most favourite veggie restaurant in toronto...king's cafe. i know i talk about this place a lot (it's where we went for paul's b-day dinner and where we get our fake meat), but it's really worth all the hype.

we ate the most delicious avocado temaki...
avocado temaki

...bean curd with hoisin sauce and fried rice.
bean curd and hoisin sauce

for dessert we went to dairy queen and i indulged in a chocolate-dipped cone. this particular dairy queen has the most incredible view of the don valley and toronto skyline.
dq skyline

paul totally spoiled me! i got some pretty semi-precious-stone beads and a new wallet. it's pink! it has a picture of blythe! it's leather-free! it has a million compartments! in summary, it is the most spectacular wallet ever. (my old wallet was rapidly disintegrating before my eyes)
blythe wallet and beads

he also bought me a starter kit for needle felting! now i can learn to make cool stuff like supermaggie and lili la malice.
felting kit

oh, and i almost forgot. he included 2 sheets of cute japanese stickers he found in chinatown. look at the cute smiling cellphones! (the sheet also has smiling tv's, toasters, and lightbulbs).
puffy stickers

even the card he chose was adorable. i'm not sure if you can see the line at the top, but it says "happy birthday for you". hee!
b-day card


Mom said...

What a wonderful, awesome deserve it all, including your amazing husband!!!!!

chelebele said...

I'm salivating as I read!!! I'm glad you had an awesome birthday. Amazing husbands sure are great. We must talk again soon.

katey said...

Lucky duck. I want that wallet!

tania said...

oh happy birhday to you!
what rocking gifts. your boy pays attention!
i have to try that kings cafe! it looks so yummy.

hope you have a lovely time of it.

dk said...

happy birthday two days late!

gadgetgirl (from Glitter) said...

What an awesome bithday. I LOVE the Blithe wallet. I too have just gotten into felting, just the wet kind so far. I must look into some felting needles....


Carla said...

Happy Birthday!! Great presents and a fun day!

I like King's Cafe too, and all the crafty and Chinatown treats! Happy Birthday to you!