Thursday, May 05, 2005

how can it be thursday already?

is it just me or is this week flying by?

today was a long day because although i usually only work in the morning at my day job, i had to go back to work around 3:30 for an epic-length staff meeting. two hours long! at least we had free pizza (and as an added bonus, some yummy san pelegrino water that i'm too cheap to buy for myself.) it almost made up for sitting in rush-hour traffic for an hour for a commute that usually takes 30 minutes.

i managed to get some better pictures of some of the things i've been putting together for that store. i think it looks so much better when it isn't photoshopped to death.

some cheeky underwear hair pins

i see london, i see france...

mixed tape earrings

mixed tape earrings

and a fawn necklace (that came this close to being in the upcoming issue of bust...sob)

fawn necklace

so much more too but i guess i can't show it all. the dial-up folks are probably cursing me as it is.


shash said...

i love the mixed tape earrings. side A and B!

the knitrider said...

oh gosh your stuff is so adorable! sorry it didnt make it in bust! how are you doing those? are they shrinky dink type thingys? very awesome! you need an online store of your own!

krissy said...

thank you so much for the nice comments! : ) yep, they are shrinky. i'm working on my online store but making a website is hard. when it's running smoothly it's awesome, but once i hit a stumbling block i don't look at it for weeks. bad. but i do have some stuff at an online store that features a bunch of designers -- (under ratgirl handmade goodies--that's me!).

Mom said...

Krissy, your jewellery is wonderful. Congrats!
So proud, so proud.
Love you, Mom

BabyBorderline said...

Can I buy some, I am from Argentina! can you mail me, so we can to arrange this?