Sunday, May 15, 2005

crafting with kilmer

it has been a busy weekend in these parts. yesterday our friends andrew and sabine came over and we took them out for dinner at our favourite indian restaurant. the place has absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever, but the food is always so yummy. i think they liked it. after dinner we came back to our house and had drinks and chatted. paul took this picture from the stairs. that's sabine in the middle and andrew looking up, at the bottom of the picture.
andrew and sabine visiting

today i met up with a friend named carla who i haven't seen for awhile, and another girl named lisa, who i met through glitter. the 3 of us went to a church of craft meeting in a park. it was really fun and relaxing just to sit around and knit and talk. the tree that we sat under had this hanging from it.
val kilmer cloud
look closely...that's a plywood cloud with val kilmer's face as "raindrops". i don't know if this just happens in toronto or not, but there are people who put posters up around the city with val kilmer's face on them. they also write his name graffiti-tag style around the city. i know, it's kinda weird.. but it was amusing to be sitting under this little val kilmer art installation in the park.

after church of craft, i went over to kensington market to grab some food for dinner. i snapped this picture of my favourite place to buy fresh produce. i love the colours in this photo!
kensington market

while i was in the market, i also bought some fake meat from 'king's cafe'. i got soy tuna (which is delicious when baked in foil with olive oil and lemon) and soy drumsticks (which taste so much like chicken wings when we cook them in bbq sauce). the drumsticks have the texture of chicken and they even have little wooden skewers as "bones"!
fake meat

i was so happy to find the new location of alchemy bakery. the man who owns this bakery is an artist, no kidding! he makes the most wonderful bread, like i've never tasted before! we always get our favourite...potato and herb focaccia. it has big chunks of sea salt sprinkled on top. mmmmm! the owner is the nicest guy, too. i don't even need to tell him what i want...he always remembers!
alchemy bakery

i hope you had a good weekend, too!


Anonymous said...

Ohmigod, Andrew and I soooo enjoyed the food on Saturday night. You two sure know how to pick 'em, and I love your general emphasis on the joys of eating. The other thing I espeically enjoyed on Saturday was discovering that I am not the only female on the planet who is scared of horses! So very pleased to discover that you and I have something else in common (aside from being fans of knitting, eating and kvetching about the perils of that sense of entitlement some people have).

Thanks again for a lovely evening.


the knitrider said...

nooo! why are they discontinuing that patons!? thats such a great wool! i found out about cotton ease being discontinued today and found it on sale at a fabric store near me and grabbed all the white! all that veggie food looks awesome! the best i can find here is morning star chick'n nuggets! that bread place looks awesome too!

dk said...

I don't know...there could be much worse actors faces to see every time you look up.

Carla said...

Yeah, that was a fun afternoon at "church" and the rain stayed away!