Friday, May 06, 2005

the critters love springtime

it was so warm outside today that i brought our guinea pig, molly, out in the backyard to munch on some grass. she absolutely loves going outside and smelling all those outdoor smells!


here she is at the "buffet"
munching grass

noah is such a good big brother. he loves molly. he always gives her kisses on her face. when i brought her outside this afternoon, he stayed by her side for most of the time.
noah and molly

and a cute picture of noah (he must have been rolling in grass when i wasn't looking because he's got the evidence on his face)
look at that face!
in other news, i'm naming today "international replenish-your-yarn-stash day". i made this decision when i walked into a local wool shop and saw they were clearing out a bunch of winter wool with massive markdowns! this is how i chose to celebrate.

the blue idena ocean was regular $12.50 / on sale for $4.95, the multicoloured wendy strata was regular $11.95 / on sale for $4.95, i'm not sure what the regular price of the light pink kiddy lana gatto was but i got it for $2.55 and finally the 3 balls of chocolate brown canto was regular $6.95 ea / on sale for $3.25 ea.!

new yarn makes me so happy!

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robin said...

oh! super deal! love spring yarn scores! btw... we must organize amongst ourselves to be swap partners.... any idea?