Friday, May 27, 2005

deals of the day

first off, i want to thank everybody so much for the nice birthday wishes you left for me! it was like opening another little present everytime i saw a new greeting from somebody. you sure know how to make an old girl happy! hee hee


today after work i headed over to the "more than just a yardage sale" at the textile museum. it is a massive annual sale of all things crafty and fabric-arts-related. you can find tons of fabric, yarn, sewing patterns, notions, craft books, etc. at the sale. i've only been once, a couple of years ago i think, but it was quite picked over by the time i got there. today i managed to get there much earlier and got a few good deals.

the sale was packed with people, but for some reason my pictures don't really show how crowded it was.
this is the fabric area under the tent
fabric sale

and the yarn area. (i think i see an actual man in the foreground. poor soul.)
yarn sale

for exactly $10 total, i got the following goodies.

some yarn
cheap yarn

a ziploc baggy of buttons (these are the best of the bunch) and some cute plastic buckles (i've been looking everywhere for these to make belts!)
buttons and buckles

a vintage craft book from 1969 called "creative needlework". not only does it have some cute ideas for projects, but it also shows how to do over 80 embroidery stitches! i seriously did not even realize there were that many different stitches in embroidery!
i love the applique on this pink pillow (this sold me on the book). i think it would be cute on a purse or at the bottom corner of a skirt.
vintage craft book

and another vintage craft book called "the big book of soft toys" from 1972. i had to get it because it has so many cute patterns! a bunch of them remind me of the amazing things people are making for the "month of softies" project.
look at this kangaroo from the book!

i so need to start playing around with my sewing maching...uh, like learning how to thread it would be a good start.

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Carla said...

I missed the More than Just a Yardage Sale this year, but in the past it's been manic! Someone actually snatched a piece of fabric out of my hand! I thought that frenzied shopping was just an urban myth, but it happened to me.

Good scores!

btw: they have a big bin of those plastic belt buckles at Designer Fabrics in Parkdale. I'm hunting for a fancy buckle for the Belt du Jour in SnB Nation, which I'm making for a swap. Cabling, ya!

Are you going to make the softie kangaroo?