Wednesday, May 04, 2005


i managed to get my order done last night for that new store i was telling you about. just as i was finishing it up the owner called to say she needed a few days to get things set up before i bring my stuff over, which works out perfect for me because i could use a couple of days to take some decent pictures.

here are a couple of shots of the stuff i'm sending over. i wish the pictures turned out better but i guess i need to try again tomorrow in natural light. whenever i take pictures of my stuff at night, the pictures turn out dark and i have to photoshop the hell out of them. ugh!

"clothesline" charm bracelet

clothesline bracelet

and a new-ish design i think i'll name "rockstar" (hard to see but it has a couple of tattoo designs too)

rock star bracelet

and on a totally unrelated note: my hands have been like ice ALL DAY even though i don't feel cold! what is up with that?

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BabyBorderline said...

Hello! I am from Argentina and I want to buy some of these... How can I do this?