Tuesday, May 24, 2005

i can't believe i'm about to share this with the world

sorry i've been missing in action for a few days but i was up north at my mom's place getting spoiled. when i got back on sunday i could not stand the clutter that had overtaken the studio a minute longer. i'm a little shy about sharing my horrifying images of chaos with the world but i've included "after" shots to prove i really have improved. well, and also because i'm a sucker for "before and after"s whether they come in the form of ambush makeover, what not to wear, or extreme makeover: home edition. hopefully you'll enjoy the krissy edition of ambush studio makeover: how not to live.

here's the "before" picture of my computer desk.
computer desk (BEFORE)

and after!
computer desk (AFTER)

my studio desk "before"
studio desk (BEFORE)

and after!
studio desk (AFTER)

aahhh...that feels better!


friendbunny said...

sorry you missed out on hair ribbon fever. i can't believe it! didn't you have a roller rink?

i too have an obsession with before and afters. nice work cleaning up! is that the sewing table from joanns? if so, how do you like it? it is on super sale here and i was thinking about it...

the knitrider said...

omg, visible work space! its so pretty! thanks for the comments on the lelah and skirt! im really not all that great, it just depends on how excited i am about a project! I think i found those buttons in a vintage box at vogue fabrics store! hooray for that place. if you ever come to chicago, you should go, its in a near suburb called evanston!

chelebele said...

We seem to be on the same page (as usual)! I just did a before and after on my desk as well. I figured I could either avoid my computer/desk completely or just bite the bullet and tidy up the darn thing. I chose the latter. Somehow I know it will look the same in just a few short days!

I'm just catching up on everything I missed. Looking forward to reading more. Happy belated B-day, Paul!

chelebele said...

Ok, just reading up on your earlier entries. Question: How was the Vegetarian Smoked Salami? I want some!

krissy said...

oops, thanks for reminding me. i never did give an update on the veggie salami. one word: DISAPPOINTING! sorry, to say. yves sliced "salami" is waaayy better. (you might even have better options in the u.s. maybe).