Sunday, May 08, 2005

happy mother's day

this is my mom.
my mom

not only is she an amazing mother, but she's also an incredible person!

she is warm and loving and cares about everyone around her. she knits up a storm, even though she just learned how a few years ago. even though i have accepted that she hates eggplant she still can't understand why i don't like parsnip. you would probably be surprised at how silly she can be. my mom is patient and understanding. her hugs make everything ok. she has a laugh that is infectious. she makes the best lebanese food. my mom welcomed my husband into the family with open arms. when i was stranded in the middle of nowhere for my first teaching job, she gave me her old car so i could escape on the weekend. she has always supported my decisions and takes my side every time.

she is my best friend.

i love you, mom!

here's a big hug since i can't be with you today.
a hug for my mom


Mom said...

Yes, I'm Krissy's Mom and I"m loving every minute of it. Thank you sweetheart for the very generous description, the loving words and the HUG! You make Mother's Day and every day special for me.
I love you too.
Your best friend, Mom
PS Loved your comments re the eggplant and the parsnip!!!

dk said...

aw! Happy Belated Mother's Day to your mom!

the knitrider said...

thats so cute! you and your mom look so happy! thanks for your comments on my erm, "black" hair. You're right, it is slightly blue. Actually now that its washing out a little, its more blue. but i dont mind it, i used to do worse to my hair! you'd look great in black hair!