Saturday, May 28, 2005


i just got back from a 3-hour workshop on how to spin wool with a drop spindle. oh. my. gawd! i suck.

i had lofty dreams of making lovely handspun skeins of art like my paper crane, crafty ass chick, and misshawklet. i don't think it's going to happen anytime soon though.

the good news is that the materials were included with the cost of the workshop so i got a drop spindle to keep and practice on (or use for mashing potatoes) and a HUGE pile of pretty wool! chocolate brown, white, and hot pink! if i don't master the art of spinning wool at least i can use the roving with my new needle felting kit!
drop spindle and roving

the class was 3 hours long and about half of that time was for learning to use the drop spindle. that means it took me approximately 1.5 hours to spin this

spun wool

it is the size of a grape.

oh well, it was fun to get out and learn something new anyway.


Monica said...

Hi Krissy! Found your blog through Glitter. I was actually going to take that spinning course, did you find the course really helpful? The stuff you've spun looks so cool!

the knitrider said...

EEK! ive missed so much while i was away so this comment is gonna be 20 years long.
First to reply to my comments, YES CUT YOUR HAIR! you will never forgive yourself if you dont do it now! from your picture on your blog it looks like it would look awesome on you! all i had to do was divide up a section of "bangs" and then i shaved the back with clippers, using the 1.5" setting. I used the 1" at the bottom by my neck cuz i have a really bad hair pattern there. then I kinda shaped the front to do that pointy sideburn/bang thing. I usually always cut the front that way, especially so it stays that way and keeps out of my face. I used to always have long hair until about 6 years ago. i just gave up and have been so much happier. also, thanks for the comment about your readership of my blog! sometimes it feels like no one is actually reading it, so its encouraging to hear! (and yes i had an awesome trip, youll hear about it soon!)
NOW... happy belated birthday, im so sorry to miss it! it looks like you had a helluva time! i really have to go up there and visit that kings cafe. that avocado temaki is calling me. i suppose there is something in chicago that might be comparable, but none of it is really doing it for me now. and those stickers are awesome! i especially love the lightbulbs! cute!
and then.. the belt buckles! i love those! the magenta one rocks! i hope to see some stuff made with those soon! dont worry about the sewing machine! ive been experimenting on mine for about 3 or 4 months and finally figured out ive been threading it the hard way. lets just leave it at that.
and the spinning, well, what can i say? practice makes perfect? ive never tried it and kind of assumed it was easy but i guess not!

robin said...

me too! i stink.

♥ joleen ♥ said...

What beautiful wool! Don't fret about the spinning.. when I came back from a knitting class the first time I forgot how to even cast on for like a week! Then it all came back. :) Good luck!