Wednesday, June 01, 2005

killer tomatoes and the northern lights

i'm sure i'm not the only person who gets like this, but for the past few months i feel like i've been in a food rut. it's like we always end up making the same dinners week after week just because they're easy. so last night i got the idea to try and replicate the two most delicious sandwiches i've ever tasted. the killer tomato and the northern lights, both from cafe santropol in montreal.

so if you are like me and need to try something new for dinner (but scream and run the other way if there are too many ingredients) you should give these a try. (except if you're not into dairy)

killer tomato
chop up a whole bunch of sundried tomatoes. mix with really soft cream cheese (like the "western" brand). if you feel like it, cut up some fresh tomato slices. slice some yummy and sorta fancy bread, like the stuff from a bakery. spread the cream cheese/sundried tomato mixture on the bread. top with fresh tomatoes. inhale!
*this is also good with some chopped pecans thrown in, although they don't do that at santropol.

northern lights
chop up or slice green olives (with pimentos). mix with soft cream cheese. throw in a small handful of chopped pecans and mix. spread cream cheese/olive/pecan mixture onto some fresh bakery-style bread. enjoy!

if you ever go to montreal, you have to go to cafe santropol. not only are the sandwiches out of this world, but the patio is a little oasis...full of plants, lush trees and the odd squirrel running about.

sucking up the food and atmosphere on their patio.
cafe santropol

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the knitrider said...

im so jealous of all the good places you have to eat at! thanks for sharing that recipe, ill have to try that one day. thanks for the comments! the trip was soo awesome! i was so disappointed to come back to chicago. i know, it was so hard to scold slammer for bolting like that, because when she got inside she did the whole guilty eye thing. she looks up at you with her big brown eyes, and pushes her ears back and leaves just enough whites in her eyes for you to feel so sorry for her!