Sunday, June 19, 2005

happy father's day

since i introduced everyone to my mom on mother's day, it seems only fitting that i introduce you to my dad today.

everyone, this is dad.

here are a few things you should know about ed...

* he's a big joker and loves making people laugh
* when it comes to fixing things around the house, he knows better than to try it himself. (but he's awesome at calling a professional to do it)
* he started out as a dj at the local radio station and one of my earliest memories is of my mom saying, "who's that on the radio?" and me exclaiming "daddy!!"
* he likes to sing really loud. sometimes he even gets a few of the words right
* even though we butt heads politically sometimes, he's not nearly as conservative as he used to be
* without a doubt, he's the hardest worker i know. he puts 150% into everything he does
* he's not just a great dad but an incredible friend

happy father's day, dad! i love you!


dk said...

Hi Ed!

Dad said...

Hi Krissy.
Thanks for the father's day bog or whatever it is called. I did count the words and I think your mom had 1 more descriptive phrase than me; however who is counting?
I enjoy reading your articles and yes we have narrowed the political gap, but not quite enough to say we are on the same side. Makes for interesting phone calls, right?
Hello to "dk".
Well must go and explain to Sam why he doesn't qualify for Father's Day.
Your Dad

robin said...

ha! you AND your dad are funny! thanks for the kind post my way. you're a love.

tania said...

aw, nic edad!

i know wasnt karinas patch of grass fun?