Tuesday, June 07, 2005

lock up your petunias

yesterday after my little shoe shopping spree, i stopped into home depot to get some gardening gloves. yes, my very first pair of gardening gloves.

they have tomatoes on them. wheee!
new gardening gloves

i also found some little plant cutters (don't laugh...i have no idea what they are called.) up until now we've been using some dollar store scissors to cut back our plants and bushes. now not only do i have tomato-print gloves but i have...cutters!

here i am pretending to hack away at the one houseplant we've managed to keep alive. poor little thing.
gardening gloves


dk said...

I usually use scissors...too

But then again, every plant around me dies if I look at it

Anonymous said...

do you already know that is a jade plant?
please dont trim it.:(

krissy said...

don't worry, i wasn't really trimming it. just goofing around for the camera. but thanks for confirming my suspicion that it is a jade plant. i never really knew for sure...