Tuesday, June 28, 2005

mailbox goodness

yesterday i got some great stuff in the mail! in addition to the usual bills and junk mail flyers, i actually got some fun stuff. robin and i decided awhile back to do a jewellery swap and yesterday i got her package in the mail. not only did she send me a pretty necklace with colours that i love (pink and green), but she also included a ball of pretty pink hand-dyed koolaid wool. i can't believe how soft it is. i'm trying to think of the perfect project to knit with it. (any suggestions?) she also sent along a cute little lamby-shaped soap. hee hee. such fun stuff! thanks so much, robin! (i hope you get your parcel sooooon.)


i also got a box of pretty shells from my dad and nicole that they bought during their trip to vancouver. i just realized i forgot to take a picture though. but trust me, they are pretty. they look like this and one of them is pink! thanks dad & nicole!

sea urchin


robin said...

wow! that got there quickly! i'm so glad you liked everything enough to post it! i'm glad you like the colors too, i was worried it was too colorful (i'm in a color phase right now!) but that just means you can wear it with everything!

i didn't make the lamb soap. i just thought it was cute. and the yarn is wool. here is a link to the dying proceedure: http://www.friendbunny.com/koolaid.htm

the knitrider said...

that show you went to looked like it rocked! thats cool that it was such an intimate setting. those are the best kinds. thanks for your comments on my blog! i am actually doing sketches right now for a silk screen. i think my artists statement for those will be, "if it makes me laugh, i print it". its been too long! i think you should make a one skein wonder with that cute yarn. it looks so comfy and cute. if not that, then..... hmm. i dont know.

CheleBele said...

What fun stuff! Great idea to do a jewelry swap. Looks like Robin sent some cool things. Btw, I LOVE your haircut. It looks great! I wish I could do little bangs like that, but I think my hair is too curly. See you in a couple of months! Love, CheleBele

Carla said...

I like your haircut, too! Swaps are so awesome, especially when the goodness is handmade and pink. Robin that necklace or gorgeous!

It took me a minute to get the link between the knitting and the sheep soap, d'oh.